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Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower others to become aware of their true natures, and to help them live more joyfully and consciously. It is our wish that all our clients and students may experience spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing of self, lead more joyful, fulfilling lives, and experience the bliss of the Universal Consciousness of Peace and Oneness.

Jaime & Jennifer

"I had back pain for some years and tried different things, that did not work so well. After healing sessions with Jaime and Jennifer I really felt a difference and it has been a few months now since I did not have that sort of pain anymore. Additionally the allergies I used to have and that they did some treatment on totally dissapeared. I felt very comfortable with both of them and I think it has been a very good experience for me and I will definitely come back again if I have any sort of pain/health problem.It really made a difference!" Joana R

Courses, Retreats & Workshops - UK and Cyprus

11th-17th JUNE 2014, CYPRUS
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AS HUMAN BEINGS we share a tendency to scramble for certainty whenever we realise that everything around us is in flux. Yet, in truth, the very nature of our existence is forever in flux. So, why do we fear, and resist, how things really are? Could yoga and the practice of mindfulness provide us with powerful keys to unlock our self-mastery? To remember, and know once again, who we truly are? To create a life of joy, lived on purpose? We believe the answer to these questions is a resounding 'yes!' Join us... only 12 participants max!

So what exactly is Energy Healing? What can it do for you?

Have you settled for a lack of energy and optimal health as part and parcel of 'getting older'? Are you taking pills and potions for a variety of 'minor' aches, pains, stresses and strains but can't seem to make a full return to health and well-being?

Have you lost the spark in your relationships? Are you stuck in your creative expression at work? Do you keep repeating negative patterns and lack the will power to stop this?

What if, all this, and more had an energy root? What if altering the energetic matrix of your personal reality could catapult you in a completely new experience of life, and set a new ground for a healthier life, with renewed sense of purpose?

"I'm feeling really wonderful. It's like being a child again, in the best ways of course! I'm noticing many old negative patterns of behaviour disappearing. Patterns i've been trying unsuccesfully to change for years. Especially with my close relationships. Really amazing." JW

The new biology is quantum, and the turnaround in people's lives through energy healing speaks for itself. We hope you enjoy browsing our site, and reading our articles, and we look forward to helping you, whether you are new to healing work or coming to this site as an experienced energy healing practitioner or teacher.

If you are interested in doing a course or having any of the holistic treatments available, please contact Jaime or Jennifer by phone or email.

Jaime's Energy Healing Blog

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Hot off the press! Read Jaime's freely published articles on a wide range of subjects that relate to our awakening individual and global consciousness at this accelerated time in humanity's evolution.

Jaime's SRT Blog -

SRT and Sacred Geometry
Learn more about SRT and dowsing to clear life energies on Jaime's blog,, where he regularly write articles on SRT, giving unique insights on this system of healing and elevating consciousnesss, as well as bringing together a unique array of stories of clients' personal healings, and giving client and student feedback.

Client and Student Testimonials

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You can read many client and student testimonials for Energy Therapy on Free Index, the free UK Business Directory. These are submitted independently by clients and students, and verified by Free Index to ensure integrity of submission.

An analogy for energy healing

Envisage the human energy body as a free flowing river. Occasionally, or frequently, a pebble, stone or rock may fall into the river making the flow of water a little more difficult. These blocks are human fears, worries, anger and each pebble, stone or rock builds on top of the others that have fallen in. Soon there is only a trickle of water running in that once beautiful flowing river. And so it is with the energy that flows through the human body. At this point, pain and discomfort may be experienced.

Most of us learn our models of behaviour from a very young age and we unconsciously get stuck in repetitive patterns that limit our true self-expression. Energy healing (or "energy work") clears the body of "blocks" that are hindering physical, mental and emotional health. It allows the river to flow once more, and for vitality to thus be restored.

About Energy Therapy

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