Each sense is equally unreliable... a mental expectation causes the sense of touch to deliver a false picture of reality. ~ Deepak Chopra
Each sense is equally unreliable. If you tell someone that you are about to stick their hand into a bucket of scalding water, but [...]
All physical pleasures arise on the surface of the body and are experienced by the mind through the nervous system. You love the outer pleasures of the senses because you happened to be captured by them first, and then you remained their prisoner. Even as some people get used to jail, so we mortals like the outward pleasures, which shut off the joys from within
As you move about during the day, stay in the state of neutrality. Just be in the neutral place. It is not difficult for you. You don’t have to be suppressing the senses or steering them in some way. You didn’t wake up this morning and turn on perception. Just perception is happening by itself, spontaneously. Without You, the light of [Countinue reading...]