If you have a strong desire for recovery, and doctors are giving you no hope, it is logical that you would turn to alternative approaches where hope is not only allowed but encouraged, for there is much evidence to show that people can recover from supposedly 'incurable' diseases.  
Limiting the definition of mystery illness to rare, acute diseases is not helpful. It tricks the public. It makes people think that the medical cases that stump doctors are minimal and affect only a minute portion of the population. Truth is, millions of people suffer from mystery illness.  
I’m not a physician. I have no medical training. Yet I can tell you things about your health that no one else can. I can give you clarity on chronic and mystery illnesses that doctors often misdiagnose, treat incorrectly, or tag with certain labels even when they don’t truly understand what causes the symptoms.  
There are genuine explanations for the conditions that leave doctors stumped, and there are powerful methods to deal with the challenges we face in the modern era.  
Completing course of antibiotics is another medical myth
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