Health mentorship program: Join me for a year of Renewal and Self-transformation

“Renew Yourself” Health Program: September 2021 to August 2022

Join me for a year of Renewal and Self-transformation (8 Places only.)

Are you READY to discover what it means to be your healthiest, most alive, self?

I’m ready to invest my time and energy into those who are ready and willing to learn, and to invest in themselves.

Only 8 places are available, first come first served.

A deposit is required immediately to secure your place.

Twice Monthly Sessions allow for Maximum Learning and Integration

Mentees have priority access to me outside of scheduled sessions via email on the basis of two emails per week.

Mentees can also occasionally substitute all or part of a session for remote clearing/healing and pyscho-spiritual guidance.

Payment is monthly.  Pay your deposit now to reserve your place on this exclusive program, tailored to you.

1 months’ non-refundable deposit is required upfront, followed by 11 payments on the 15th of each month thereafter (including August 2021).  On the last month, no payment is required because the initial deposit is used.


Your Journey is UNIQUE

We will always work from where you are.  However, we will certainly focus on all of the following:
  • Building physical strength & endurance naturally
  • Optimising your weight/losing or gaining weight easily, as required by the body
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga techniques for increasing prana/vitality in the energy body and physical body
  • Eating whole foods/raw foods as a gateway for energy and aliveness
  • Supplementation (diet) — quality and quantity
  • Calming techniques for daily living
  • Mindfulness/Living from Presence (psychological health)
  • Relationship Stress/Issues
  • Releasing Addictions/Bad Habits
  • Building Natural Immunity
  • Understanding your Sleep/Wake cycles (biorhythms).
  • Earthing methods
  • Working with the natural elements
  • Maintaining and improving eye health into old age
  • Vibrational Medicine
  • And more!

** This program is unique – it goes according to your level of awareness, and takes into account your very human life.

** This program is a year long program and will both challenge you and simultaneously elevate you to the highest levels of your own consciousness.

** From this place you can experience profound energetic and physical health, and profound and lasting peace.

Mentorship Portal

My mentees are required to join the mentorship portal, so they can learn vital techniques for health and self-transformation in between sessions.

Because this is a separate part of the website, I give a discount to allow for this small extra cost to you.

You must learn about prana, the energy that underpins ALL physical health, and also follow the energy and health techniques given (3 years’ worth) by myself and my wife. They are worth their weight in gold.

What is ‘health’?

HEALTH is physical, we know this. If we exercise, eat well, and sleep well, we will hopefully have good health. And yet…

HEALTH is also psychological and emotional. If we can destress, or not get into stress in the first place, we can keep our emotional balance. Balanced thoughts and ‘lighter’ emotions are key to good health. And yet…

HEALTH is also spiritual. We must be able to connect with something deeper than ourselves… I call that the Inner Being. You might call it the Soul, or Spirit, Atma, God or The Divine. The words do not matter…

All of these ‘levels’ of awareness impact us but we aren’t always aware of them. Holistic understandings and behaviours can radically improve or restore health, and faulty, reductionist understandings can lead us to poor vitality and health.

What creates ‘health’?

Health, what creates it, and sustains it?

Many people still lack the most basic energetic and physical awarenesses when it comes to their own personal health.  Most of us have been born with good health but suffer from the passage of time, not because of our older years but because our habits and routines have become fixed and the negative ones have a repeated impact on our physical and psychological/emotional health.

‘Health’ isn’t the same for everyone, just like ‘food’ isn’t the same. These are just words or labels, pointers to something that we know and feel inside, based on our parental, and societal influences, and also how much inner work we have done on ourselves.

Everybody’s idea of what is ‘good food’ or ‘healthy food’ will differ — for example.

Yet what if many of your current understandings, beliefs and habits are inadvertently contributing to poor health down the line? Would you know how to recognise that BEFORE it gets to the stage where you are forced to take action?

The paradox of human existence is that we can recognise behaviour that isn’t good for us and still repeat it day in and day out.

Daily stress and anxiety drive poor food choices, cause addictions and impact our ability to sleep, creating a vicious circle.

Weight gain from poor food choices creates heavy energy (‘tamasic’) in the body and impacts our energy, as well our joints.

Did you know that carbonated drinks (Coca cola, Pepsi etc) tune out your ability to sense when you are thirsty?

The phrase “I’m fine” is often used by many to not look at their own role as a creator in shaping their health and life.

YOUR marvellous body will only maintain homeostasis – or health – for a certain time, and then no more. At a certain stage, you will reach a tipping point and then injury (or degrading of the bodily tissues) or illness will ‘suddenly’ result.

Do you know why some people smoke and NEVER get cancer, and others don’t smoke, and get cancer?

More importantly, do you know the basic steps that will increase your awareness and safeguard your health for years (decades) to come?

Awareness as a key to health

Do you recognise if any of your understandings, beliefs and habits are inadvertently contributing to poor health down the line?

Can you separate fact from fiction?

How attached are you to your beliefs?

Remember that the quality of your consciousness NOW will largely determine what happens ‘in the future.’

The paradox of human existence is that we can recognise behaviour that isn’t good for us and still repeat it day in and day out. So a good teacher who has walked the path of fire is essential.

I grew up in a medical family of pharmacists and doctors, and I also grew up as a yogi. These primary influences set me up to question everything!

When I damaged my spine in a go karting crash 18 years ago, I had to rebuild it step by step — through energy medicine/yoga/breathwork.

What about natural immunity?

For the last 18 months, we’ve collectively seen the biggest propaganda campaign ever launched upon humanity — and the underlying message is one of FEAR and CONTROL. Both energies are based in egoic dysfunctional consciousness.

“Your body can’t heal itself.”

Does that sound empowering? (I’ll leave you to decide).

Today, sadly, we have a politically driven medical-industrial complex that is run by zealots with deep pockets. This ‘sickness industry’ continually profits from disease and fails to address the underlying cause(s) of all diseases of mind and body.

The way to change this starts with us knowing who we are, and just how powerful we are.

Through nearly 20 years of coaching clients and students to higher awareness, I can share vital insights with you that might surprise you. From nearly 20 years of deep self-study and working with clients and students in the field of mind-body medicine, I have learned the vital secrets of life and happily pass them onto all those who wish to listen and learn.

Going Beyond Fear, Doubt and Anxiety

Right now, you are being told to distrust your own body, to distrust other people (who are healthy) and to believe only what the ego power structures want you to believe.  That you are just a body, or a body with a mind.  That’s it.

This has always been the way.  Since birth you have been socialised to accept your ‘fate’ as a body, a piece of sentient meat.  If you are lucky, you will have had people around you encouraging you to explore your mind.  It is still rare to find people who live from their Soul’s wisdom.

Today’s crisis presents a unique opportunity to truly understand who we are, and why health cannot be given through outside diktats.

A quick note about my background — i.e. why I’m uniquely qualified to teach and mentor you!

I have had the privilege to study with some of the best teachers on the planet during an almost 20 year cycle.  I My yoga lineage goes through Paramahansa Yogananda through his param gurus to the Christ Consciousness, my Reiki lineage goes through both Western and Eastern lineages back to its founder. I have also studied with the late Unity Minister Rev. Robert Detzler and his senior teachers. I have studied (for years) and mastered many breath-work (pranayama) techniques, kriyas, asanas and meditation practices through yoga, explored different ways of healing the mind-body through the Great Spirit (Rei Ki), I have learned to access Spirit through doing energetic ‘remote healings’ for clients across the world, and have been teaching the Power of Now/Presence and Sacred Geometries and Sound Work to help bring the Total Being into complete balance.  I am also a light/colour advanced practitioner of the Aura-Soma system of healing.

I am a health/medical intuitive, and so I am able to people navigate the ordinary aspects of duality (physical and psychological level) and also the transpersonal!

Read client interviews from around the world here. 

Read about my story here.


Any adult (i.e. 18 years old or older) who has a strong desire to improve themselves on all levels of their Being.  If you are under 18, and wish to apply, you must have written consent from your parent or guardian.  The minimum age is 16 (with parent/guardian approval).


Anyone who truly wants to improve their health — physically/energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


The mentorship program will be conducted online by Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world.

One 60 minute in-depth session will be held every week or every two weeks.

You will receive energetic support from Spirit in the background as you are added to my prayer list – prayer is an effective technology when one knows the art of using it, and clear guidance from me in session, plus on emails in response to your questions as you take your unique journey.

During the first session, we will create a definite plan to achieve health and powerful self-transformation.

Each session will be unique, and tailored to your own needs.

How many places are there?

There are only a few places are available due to my own personal preferences and time/energy constraints, so you will need to reserve early if you wish to secure your spot.

Certificate of Completion

Mentees can opt to receive a certificate of completion from Energy Therapy for the actual hours spent in mentoring sessions.  This can be used for CPD purposes if you are a therapist, for example.

Commit and change your health and life

Payment is monthly.  Pay your deposit now to reserve your place on this exclusive program, tailored to you.

We will work together to create the health and life you want.

I’m willing to invest my time and energy in you, if you are willing to commit, and learn and grow.  Patience, persistence and joyful participation are the keys to success.

The clients I’ve worked with consistently for 12 months or longer are never the same… everything changes because their relationship to their own Being changes!


Entering this program will be a serious commitment of your energy, time and money, and will bring you many blessings far beyond what you expect.

Sessions will be conducted by Zoom or another method.  I will always use video where the bandwidth and connection is good enough.  However, I reserve the right to use audio if the bandwidth is not good enough or there are internet connectivity issues.

Mentees must take all their sessions each month.  Refunds are not given for missed sessions.  One session can be carried over each month if you fail to book in and are on the twice a month program — up to a maximum of three sessions for the year.  I will always try to remind you to book in if you are not proactive.

Energy Therapy reserves the right to terminate the program at any time, for any reason – for example, if a mentee becomes rude, or uncooperative in any way, and Spirit cannot heal the negative ego/dysfunction of consciousness.  If that is the case, no refunds will be given.

Energy Therapy reserves the right to increase the fee at any time by giving one month’s notice – particularly if the work required is much more than envisaged. If this happens, and you do not agree, you may cancel and no further payments will be required.

Students can cancel their mentorship by giving one month’s notice.  If you cancel before the 12 months’, you will forfeit the deposit.  No refunds are given for any and all fees already paid.

If Energy Therapy has to terminate a mentorship program for reasons beyond its control, no further payments will be required.