Money, and the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks

This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical consciousness Abraham, explains that the two subjects most chronically affected by the powerful Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being.

This book shines a spotlight on each of the most significant aspects of human life experience and then guides the reader to the conscious creative control of every aspect of his/her life.

This book has been written to deliberately align you with the most powerful law in the universe—the Law of Attraction—so that you can make it work specifically for you.

Money, and the Law of Attraction is formatted in five, vibrant essays: Part I – Processing of Pivoting and Positive Aspects; Part II – Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance; Part III – Maintaining Your Physical Well-Being; Part IV – Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind; Part V – Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure.

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