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Maternity Reflexology is a balancing treatment to enable the body to deal with the physiological & emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and to support the natural birthing process.

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Reflexology during pregnancy is gaining in popularity. Recent research studies have shown that pregnant women who receive regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancies have calmer pregnancies with shorter birthing and less intervention.*

Changes in the size, muscular tissue and blood flow to the uterus mean that a lot of the body’s focus is on this area and regulating hormonal balance.

As there are many physiological changes during pregnancy, for example, the tilt of the pelvis, an altered stance and increasing weight, many pregnant women are subject to similar conditions. These commonly include backache, oedema, insomnia and changes in emotional state. Jennifer works on the correlating reflexes of the feet to focus on re-balancing as things change throughout the pregnancy. Techniques include spinal reflexology, endocrine balancing, lymphatic drainage and relaxation techniques to foster an overall sense of well-being.

As every experience of pregnancy will be different, treatments are tailored to each client addressing any physical ailments as they occur and aiming to bring the physical mental and emotional bodies back into a greater state of balance.

“I really enjoyed my reflexology session with Jennifer. It was my first and truly enlightening. The purpose of the session was to prepare my body for labour and encourage my baby to arrive on due date. Following the session, baby was very active through the night and I had to get up and move about quite a bit to channel her energy! In the morning I noticed my feet weren’t as swollen as they had been in recent days.

Jennifer also gave me sound advice to help me connect with myself and my baby and lovely affirmations which work really well for me and which I plan to put into practice from today during quiet moments. A few fears and anxieties to do with labour had surfaced in recent days so the session with Jennifer was timely.” SL

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What to Expect

Your first session will be 90 minutes long and begin with an in-depth consultation to take a personal history and discuss any presenting conditions and stresses. A treatment plan will be discussed at the first session and follow-on sessions will usually be for 60 minutes. Treatments will normally be weekly for the first few sessions and then reduced to a maintenance plan, however this will of course depend on the client and presenting conditions.

You may pay online before coming to your first session, or you may pay by cash or cheque on the day of your appointment.

Treatments are carried out in a special zero-gravity chair to encourage the relaxation of the client. Clients are required only to remove their shoes and socks and a light cream is applied to the feet.

*The Magic of Reflexology in Pregnancy. Dr Gowrie Motha, Reflections Dec 1994.