Abraham Hicks Biography


Esther Hicks (née Weaver), was born March 5, 1948. She is an American inspirational speaker and author who channels the consciousness ‘Abraham’.

Esther has co-written nine books with her late husband Jerry Hicks, including the New York Times #1 bestseller “Money and the Law of Attraction.” Before Jerry’s death in 2011, they would regularly conduct road trips through the USA together delivering the teachings of Abraham, a joyful, loving and witty non-physical group consciousness whom Esther calls ‘infinite intelligence’ and whom Jerry would often refer to as ‘the purest form of love I’ve ever encountered’.

Both Ester and Jerry appeared in the original version of the best-selling 2006 film “The Secret” before they retracted their permission.

The material presented by Esther and Abraham are often referred to as ‘Abraham Hicks’.