Healing through Sound and Sacred GeometryRetreats

Healing through Sound and Sacred Geometry

Harmonic Repatterning
Nov 21 - 28, 2016
Larnaca, Cyprus


Event status: Enrolling Now!

Types of Training: Sound Healing (Toning, Vocal Harmonics), Active & Passive Meditations, Sacred Geometry Healing, Mandala Exploration

Address: Tochni Villages, Cyprus

Food: Vegetarian

Max Attendance: 25

Activities: Optional Morning Yoga Classes, Hiking

Early Bird: £1100 By 15-May-2016 (USD/EUR Equivalent: $1376/€1299)

Full Fee: £1200 (USD/EUR Equivalent: $1501/€1417)


The nature of the course is both active (yang) and passive (yin).

You will be introduced to an ancient and powerful technique called overtoning, learning how to in-tone specific harmonics for healing and also shown how to project these outwards to help balance and heal the physical and subtle bodies of another person. Vocal toning and chanting is an important part of the training and takes the student to ever higher levels of consciousness and light which is validated by the Mahayana Buddhist tradition where the bodhisattva Avalokitesvhara is said to create the “Sound that illumines the world”.

The vocal harmonics produced through overtoning not only resonate the physical body and the etheric fields but also vibrate different portions of the brain. Just as it is possible to project healing energy through touch, we can do the same with our voice.

There will be sound meditations where you can just relax and enjoy the pulsating harmonics and rhythms of the instrument being played (Guitar, Didgeridoo, Gubal/Hang, Hang Gudu). On other occasions you will be actively using sound to shift your own personal frequency.

Sacred Geometry Healing® is a powerful yet gentle, clear and effective healing modality. The field of consciousness creates and communicates through geometric shapes (called 'Mandalas') and energy moves through these shapes to maintain creation, based on a strong fundament. When you go through emotional and challenging times in your live, you can apply this higher energy to heal and transmute lower thought forms and frequencies.

These loving mandalas are tools to bring more harmony in your daily life, to receive new insights, universal knowledge and wisdom. They stimulate an expansion of your thinking, raising your self-awareness and self-love. Through this you easily receive healing, activation and harmonization of your total energy system. Healing is peacefully transmitted to your body cells, atoms, organs, releasing energy blockages, past and current life issues and situations that may hold you back.

The mandalas encourage you to be more heart-centred and they raise your frequency, creating healthy and positive vibes by transforming and transmuting any fears, worries and stress. They accelerate your personal growth, expand your creativity and bring deeper coherence into your being. The mandalas empower you to remain aware and live in the present moment. This creates inner peace, strength and stability.

The energies flow through from a higher vibratory perspective. Anyone can use this-no matter how advanced you are, or how much your consciousness is expanded. The use of these powerful healing energies may vary in your own unique learning way. That means that if you have something to learn in your own life, the healing will support and guide you to your highest potential and pathway.

This uniquely crafted course in Sacred Sound and Sacred Geometry will help you to raise your inner frequencies, and transform your consciousness! You will find it restorative, rejunvenating and reconnecting on all levels of your being!

This unique retreat will cover:

What is sound from a healing perspective
How sound creates form
Correct use of breathing
Toning basics – how to create harmonics
The power of intention
More advanced techniques for toning
Sound Meditations
The important of silence in sound/activation work
Shamanic practices & Invocations
An experiential exploration of the Human Energy System through toning
Protecting oneself from lower influences
Self-scanning/scanning others through Sound
The Presence and Use of the Angel Chakra
Sacred Chants/Group chanting
Teachings about Sacred Geometry
Tuning into the Mandalas to receive higher knowledge and wisdom.
Guidance on staying in the high energy of Love.
Self-clearing/space clearing.
Using Sacred Geometry for Healing.
Meditation to activate/resonate with the higher frequencies of Light.
Explanation of the Soul’s Journey and Creation
Explanation of Metatron’s Cube, and how to use it

Delicious, healthy meals will be provided by Tochni Villages each day.