Intuitive Soul Readings: Exploring the mystery of Archetypes, Symbols and Metaphor using the Tarot


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I’ve always had a gift for healing and for seeing the key energies and major life themes that are playing out. Often we think we are in charge – and we are, to a degree – but in my consultations and during energy sessions, I often see the broader life energies at play.  I see the archetypal energies that are prevalent, and the choices that the Soul must face. When you (the client) becomes aware of this, you are free to make your very best choices.

At our deepest core, we are all seeking information and answers that will help us make sense of this vast (and often chaotic) jigsaw puzzle we call Life.  Today’s myopic focus on only the rational part of our brain/mind is causing a deep split in our psyche, so it is important to also honour the intuitive side to become whole again.

If we can reassemble the pieces of our own lives, then our lives will make much more sense and we won’t feel as fragmented, or broken inside.  Once we integrate the broken pieces of our selves, we will free up vast amounts of energy to pursue our goals and dreams, and help others along the way. A reading can help you do just that.

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Praise for Energy Therapy (Testimonials)

“On my spiritual journey, I’ve been to a few tarot readers along the way for guidance but sadly found their interpretations to be generic and even confusing at times. So when Jaime announced he was doing intuitive readings guided by Spirit and the Tarot I leapt at the opportunity! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jaime for many years as a respected and renowned Energy Healer/Seer and someone who is also grounded in this reality – no airy fairy stuff!  Just practical wisdom. Recently, I needed clear guidance regarding my business ventures, so a reading seemed like great opportunity to check in. What I found really powerful was the depth of the reading, what I needed to look at in myself in order to move forward and the dominant energies surrounding my businesss in terms of people, connections and opportunities ahead. I was astounded at the accuracy of Jaime’s intuitive reading, as the past and present interpretations given by him were accurate. It has allowed me move forward with more clarity , joy and confidence! So, in short, I highly recommend an intuitive reading with Jaime as he is coming from a deep place of connection, and a place of true integrity and ability. It’s a rare gift.” Bunmi, London, England.

“I was looking for clarity around my life and job situation.  Having an intuitive reading with Jaime gave me all the clarity my soul was looking for! Thanks to Spirit and Jaime for delivering the timely message!” MC, Venezuela

A reading begins with a simple question.

A reading starts with a question. What is it you want to look at in your life? What question you ask will determine the response you receive, so it’s vital to ask an empowering question. I will help you to formulate this in a way that is constructive and meaningful.

For example:

  • What do I need to understand about…?
  • What is the meaning, lesson or purpose of…?
  • What do I need to know about… in order to…?
  • Show the outcome of… (following THIS course of action)?

If you are experiencing a painful situation (professional or personal) and worrying about your finances, health or a key relationship in your life, then a reading can help you gain powerful insights in order to make a new decision about who you are in relation to that… and thus affect the outcome.

If you’re about to make an important decision, and go down a certain path, a good reading can reveal the potential outcome of such a choice – as well as the major archetypes and energies that you will need to face along the way.

A reading is not meant to be “predictive” – that’s not the point; it’s not a simple “will he/she love me?” or “will he/she leave me?” or “will I get a raise?” etc. The point is to look deeply into your Soul and archetypal nature. To go beyond your mental conditioning, and programming, to gain a higher perspective! And to take action, where guided.

A good reading should bring insights and peace in the midst of chaos. Sometimes, we cannot change an outer situation, so we are challenged to change ourselves. Then, with Grace, the outer situation changes… or we aren’t affected by it.

Readings are intuitively guided and conducted by Skype (audio only) or similar. This is so I can tune in and not be distracted by external influences.

How it works

A ‘reader’ is a highly skilled interpreter of the inner worlds that are playing out in the querent’s life (you are the querent).

After the cards are shuffled, the cards are laid out in a pattern called a spread.  The spread is a container of energy, so the individual positions have meaning, as well as each card.  The combined effect is a type of mini-story that is playing out with regards to a major life theme.

It’s a simple process – but simple to do, doesn’t mean easy to interpret.

What to look for when looking for a Seer

Firstly, the reader should be working with his/her High Self – and be fully grounded in this reality too.  If they are also healers, not just readers, that would be an excellent choice.

Secondly an atmosphere of absolute sanctity/sacredness should be present.  This is a type of ceremony that engages Spirit at the highest level.

Thirdly, the reading should empower you, not put you in fear.  For example, an ungrounded person who has never matured in consciousness might see the card “Devil’ (or Satan) and start talking about purgatory, or hell, and how you are going to be damned forever (and some people would believe it!).  That person might also ask you for ‘money’ to prevent you going to hell (sound familiar?)

A mature seer would simply alert you to the fact that you are in some kind of material bondage.  For example, I had a client who had a well paying job but she wasn’t happy because it wasn’t fulfilling her deeper purpose and her talents, so the Devil showed up to say so in her reading.  She was then free to see that and choose a different path.

The Unconscious

Even though we are not usually aware of the unconscious patterns and programs within us, stored within our very DNA, it profoundly influences everything we do. We all have a ‘wounded child’ inside of us, as well as a ‘playful one’. We can all be a ‘mother’ or a ‘father’, we play different roles and see through different lenses according to our beliefs and conditioning about life.

For example, take a habit (good or bad).  Once that groove has been established, we often perform the habit without much thought.  It takes a great deal of conscious Presence to make it visible and heal it, if it’s a negative one.

Carl Jung spoke of archetypes that play out in our lives, these are Universal energies  that we all deal with as we move from birth to death.  Our paths are unique but our stories are universal.

Most importantly, Jung spoke about making the unconscious conscious within us, lest it rule our lives and we call it ‘fate’.

Many techniques grant us access to the unconscious to explore it – psychotherapy, dream interpretation, visualisation and meditation are just a few.  Tarot, done well, is another.

Learn more about me

You can read about myself and my wife Jennifer here.  We’re energy therapists, yogis, musicians, sound healers, visionaries and seers.  We have a lot to offer this world, and we’d love to help make a difference in your life, if we can!