Creating & Living Abundance (Mentorship Program)

Abundance CoachingWhat would you like to have more of in your life? Whatever you desire — whether that is more love, happiness, material wealth or anything at all — can be yours with this tailored 1-1 program that starts from exactly where you are at.  

Every heartfelt desire that is birthed from within you carries significance, but you may have suppressed your deepest desires or even ignored them because they became too painful to look at.  The feeling of longing for something and ‘not having it’ — that is usually the reason we learn to cut off our own energy flow and settle for being less that we are truly capable of!

In this 12 month course, we will meet twice a month, where you will learn to become a master of your own thoughts and emotions from a higher state of consciousness.  This state of consciousness is innate – but just like your breath, you may not even be aware of it most of the time!

We are all facing very uncertain times from the level of the egoic mind because nothing is stable on the outer level of form right now.  All ego structures are crumbling away, and many fears are bubbling to the top.

It is the inner journey of awareness that must be taken where you are rooted safely in your High Self awareness, and create safely from that space.

Today’s challenges can drive you upward in consciousness. You don’t need to fear them!

What you will learn

During our time together, you will learn to:

  • Do less, and accomplish more
  • Release past conditioning and notions of scarcity to experience abundance consciousness on every level
  • Change your reality by working with energy in its purest form
  • Manifest money and material wealth through ‘right work’ (as opposed to clinging to a job or form of work that you hate)
  • Align yourself with your Source of abundance to spontaneously fulfil your desires, often faster than you imagined
  • Let go of the inner critic that blocks abundance flowing to you
  • And much more…

You will receive the exact messages, mediations and guidance you need, whilst being empowered to be your own leader, and the creator of your own life experience.

“Abundance is a state of mind in which you believe that you are intrinsically creative. You recognise that the universe IS abundant and that you are an expression of the universe.” Dr. David Simon

After many decades of refining my search for the one great truth that flows through all of life, I have come to appreciate what Rumi – the Sufi mystic – said. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop!

** Make your payment today to secure your place! **

Places are limited. 2 out of 4 places remaining only!

** Twice Monthly (Maximum learning and integration, and biggest flow of abundance) – £240/month


** Once a month (For anyone on a budget who’d really like to do this program but can’t currently afford the higher price) – £120/month


Why I’m uniquely qualified to teach and mentor you!

I have had the privilege to study with some of the best teachers on the planet during an almost 20 year cycle through various disciplines, and I’m very good at helping my clients create abundance for themselves! Hence this program!

In the past year, incredibly, ALL my mentees have earned more money, and received more opportunities than before.  One of them sold her house/home for top dollar (even with a depressed and uncertain market) and launched her own professional career with zero fear, another has received more contracts for work and is launching her own personal coaching platform, and yet another ‘got lucky’ and won a great deal of money whilst attracting key people to help her in her home affairs.

Were these women simply ‘lucky’?  No! These events were and are all reflections of alignment with the ONE true source of abundance within.

As a seer/intuitive, I read my client’s energy easily, and I use my gifts to to help people navigate the ordinary aspects of duality (psychological level) and also the transpersonal!  This is critical when manifesting.

Read powerful client feedback from around the world here. 

Your first session

The first session will serve as an exploratory session, and will set the ‘tone’ of the year ahead – together, we will create a definite plan to help materialise your highest goals and intentions.

Of course, nothing in life is ‘fixed’ – and we can always redirect our focus at any time (as guided by YOUR needs) because life is fluid, and your preferences and needs will change as you grow.

Each session will be unique, and tailored to your own journey.

Access to me outside of formal mentoring sessions

Mentees have PRIORITY access to me outside of sessions via email on the basis of one to two emails per week. Mentees can also substitute all or part of a session for just an in-depth clearing/healing and pyscho-spiritual guidance if and when needed,.

Who can join?

Any adult (i.e. 18 years old or older) who has a strong desire to improve themselves on all levels of their Being.  If you are under 18, and wish to apply, you must have written consent from your parent or guardian.  The minimum age is 16 for this type of mentorship.

Meeting online

The mentorship program will be conducted online by Zoom (or Skype or FaceTime), so you can be anywhere in the world.

One 60 minute in-depth session will be held every week or every two weeks.

If you have not yet had an initial clearing/healing with me, you may wish to book in for a personal clearing of your energy field and Soul programming before the mentorship starts.

It is vital for you to be operating at the highest levels of awareness to get the most out of your time with me.  To do this, you must be free of your negative conditioning/programming.

Do you want real and lasting abundance?

If you want financial abundance and to deepen contact with your High Self, or True Nature, this program is for you. I’ve studied with some of the best healers and teachers on the planet and integrated that information over 20 years of constant application, being patient through often very challenging times.

Most people today are seeking only material abundance, and I know exactly why… it seems from the lower mind’s point of view that if we can only ‘have enough’ then we will be happy, right?

That’s actually NOT true.

You can have it all from a strictly material point of view, and feel empty inside.

We are here to balance spiritual and material, at all times, which is no easy task.

It’s not easy to be in financial difficulties, I can tell you that first hand from my own struggles to understand how to live an authentic, spiritually charged life that also provided me with the money I needed.

Nor is it easy to be positive when we have physical or mental health challenges.

This program will weed out the inherent dysfunctions of the egoic mind – your mind. When you become fully connected to yourself, and Spirit, then all kinds of wonderful opportunities come – and most unexpectedly too!

Terms of agreement

Entering this program will be a big commitment of your energy, time and money, and will bring you many blessings far beyond what you expect.  This is the nature of working with the Divine intelligence within you.

Sessions will be conducted by Zoom or another method.  I will always use video where the bandwidth and connection is good enough.  However, I reserve the right to use audio if the bandwidth is not good enough or there are internet connectivity issues on either side.

Mentees must take all their sessions each month.

Refunds are not given for missed sessions.  However, one session can be carried over each month if you fail to book in — up to a maximum of three sessions during the year.

Energy Therapy reserves terminate the program for any reason at any time. If you are not a good fit for the program, remaining monies will be immediately refunded to you and no further payments will be required.

Energy Therapy reserves the right to increase the fee at any time by giving one month’s notice – particularly if the work required is much more than envisaged. If this happens, and you do not agree, you may cancel and no further payments will be required.

Certificate Of Completion for CPD (Optional)

Mentees can choose to receive a certificate of completion from Energy Therapy for the actual hours spent in mentoring sessions.  This can be used for CPD purposes if you are a therapist, for example.