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Conscious Medicine

Conscious medicine is a person-centred therapy session combining energy psychology with vibrational understandings (“law of attraction”) and energy healing in order to clear blocks to personal power, empowering clients on a journey of self-discovery.

Sessions can be centered around any of three main life challenges – health, wealth/career and personal relationships, which includes your relationship with yourself!

Even if you’re not sure exactly what is bothering you, an energy-centric approach to healing will help unveil the root cause…

Sessions work on multiple levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) to release self-limiting patterns and encourage a deeper connection to the Authentic Self, which is not bound by the constraints of time and space and automatically brings a real feeling of peace, even amidst times of chaos.

You will learn how to align heart, mind and body; become more conscious of your challenges (and notice solutions as they arise); release judgement; and connect to your inner wisdom in order to flow through life with new awareness, love and compassion.

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With an honours degree in Psychology, Jennifer is a Reiki master, Yoga teacher, Reflexologist and Indian Champissage teacher. She draws on her deep practical understanding of the body-mind to support all her conscious medicine clients on a journey of self-discovery with kindness and compassion.

What to Expect

Conscious Medicine incorporates 3 main elements: online coaching, energetic healing, and email follow-up.

Initial sessions are typically carried out via FaceTime or Skype, and are supported by real-time distant energy healing using a combination of Reiki, and superconscious clearing of mental, emotional and/or spiritual blocks.

Clients receive a report after the first session including coaching/healing insights and recommendations for conscious mind repatterning to encourage the client to gain maximum benefit from the session. The healing journey is ultimately up to the individual, so this is an important part of the session.

Clients are requested to provide a brief summary of any concerns they would like to address prior to the first session which will inform the initial consultation.

A minimum of 3 sessions is usually recommended.

“We regularly cure aches, pains, illnesses, and diseases using our minds, although most of the time we are unaware of doing so.” – David R Hamilton

“Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts.” – Abraham Hicks