Mark Flaherty

Venus in Aquarius: How will your love relationships be affected this month?

Venus is the planet of love. It describes how you relate to the people in your life, though its effects will usually be most noticeable […]

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Awakening with Ayahuasca: how I cured my eczema and healed my life!

One more step, Mark. Keep going, one more step. Almost there. I repeat this mantra over and over so that I cannot feel the hot pokers searing my body and the knives slashing into my joints. I arrive at the clinic, relieved to see Laurence’s affable smile.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Astrology – Exploring The Planets And Signs As Doorways Into The Psyche

An astrology chart depicts the location of each of the planets, the Sun and the Moon from the place a person was born, at the […]

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