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law of attraction teachingsYou create your reality… you decide what life means. You have the power to shape and mold the substance of your life into the expression you wish to see appear.

We were all born with the understanding that we create our own reality but, many of us, as we have grown older and “conditioned” to the ways of those around us, have forgotten this simple yet profound truth.

Your contrasting experiences, or variety, leads to an inner expansion of your total energy, and helps you achieve a new vibratory standpoint from which to consider and explore your ‘Reality’. New vantage points are continually being birthed by you, and Source is faithfully holding your the essence of your desires in a timeless, space-less reality.

Contrasting life experiences will lead you to Clarity and Joy, if you will simply ALLOW it…. the key is to clean up your energy!  Your emotions are your guide, and the key to unlocking this whole process

The only reason you have not already received what you truly desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational “holding pattern” that does not match the vibration of your desire.

Coaching sessions: Powerful Guidance At Your Fingertips

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Energy Therapy’s coaching sessions help you to understand and apply Universal Laws that will radically shift your perception and experience of life, in all areas. We will help you improve your income, attract healthy relationships, and skyrocket your health and vitality… and we will help you get rid of the internal ‘chatterbox’ as you become more conscious and self-aware.

Jaime and Jennifer are the co-founders of Energy Therapy, and seasoned spiritual teachers, with over a decade of teaching experience in mindfulness, spiritual healing and law of attraction principles.

If life is not flowing for you, then your energy is stuck. Book a coaching session today to understand the Law of Attraction and how to powerfully connect with deeper life processes that inform your day-to-day reality.

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A Working Definition of the Law of Attraction

cymatics - sacred geometric patternsEvery thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction.

The energy you give us, you receive back…

Only by paying attention to the way you feel, you can easily know if you are giving your attention to your desire or if you are giving it to the absence of your desire.  This takes a lot of practice.

The mind is the lens but your feelings let you know whether you are ‘focused’ on the presence or absence of what you want. You cannot desire something, predominantly focus on the absence of it, and then expect to receive it, because the vibrational frequency of its absence and the vibrational frequency of its presence are very different frequencies.

For example, if you want to go on holiday, and you are constantly thinking that you can’t afford it, then your vibration is one of lack (or limitation) and you are really thinking about not going on holiday, rather than going on holiday. You know this because you feel frustrated/angry/disappointed etc.

Your task is to deliberately offer thought around the subject(s) that matter to you. When you find relief, this is a sure sign that positive outcomes are on their way!

The “3 Step” Creative Process – Ask and It Is Given

The Creative Process consists of just three simple steps:

  • Step 1 (your work): You ask
  • Step 2 (not your work): The answer is given
  • Step 3 (your work): The answer, which has been given, must be received or “allowed”

The reason that you are not always aware that your desire have been answered is because there is often a time gap between your asking (Step 1) and your allowing (Step 3). Further, you often focus back on the contrasting (unwanted) situation rather than the desire itself, delaying the manifestation of an improved result.

Step 3 is where most people give up. They expect immediate results and are not willing to deliberately offer a conscious vibration for long enough to see the manifested result of their asking.

Step 3 is the reason your emotional guidance system exists. It is the step whereby you deliberately tune your personal vibrational frequency to match the vibrational frequency of your desire.

“Thanks so much! I really feel like I’ve made a big shift in understanding the law of attraction… I GET IT!… and as I apply the techniques I see it working in my life, transforming it! I’d read the books but it was the classes with you that made it all glue together.” JW

How to understand the core vibration you are offering?

When we are ‘vibrating’ at the level of the problem, we cannot see, hear, know or sense the solution that has been created at the level of Source.

We must learn to focus our minds constructively and consistently, using our emotions as our guide – our emotions are pin-point precise, and are vibrational indicators of ‘what is true’ for us. They point to our innermost thoughts and beliefs.

How does one start to consciously and deliberately manage one’s innermost thoughts and feelings about any subject?

By asking “what thoughts am I currently offering, in relation to this subject?”

By asking, “what emotions are present as a result of the thoughts I am offering?”

Finally, you must ask, “what do I want?”

This seems overly simplistic but it is not usually easy for human beings to identify what they want… why? Because they have not practised this art of deliberate creation!

The Universe is creative in helping us find solutions. We just need to allow that to happen…

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jaime tanna bakasana crow poseJaime is a gifted intuitive, shaman, reiki master, spiritual teacher, yoga teacher, sound healer and, of course, a Law of Attraction master teacher. He is able to see energy blocks and life path challenges and clear them, helping lost souls find a deep sense of peace and healing, and help them achieve harmony in every area of their lives.

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