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Girl Bala, The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats!

Giri Bala, The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats!

The great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, in Chapter 46 of his now infamous book, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi‘, tells the world of a yogini saint, Giri […]

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multicoloured iris

Endometriosis Disappears and Eyesight Heals as a ‘Side Effect’ of Energy Healing

“The body, which I had previously considered as ‘mine’, now healed itself of a variety of illnesses. Astonishingly, sight occurred without wearing glasses…there was a […]

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woman heals herself from cancer

Woman Heals Herself From Cancer By Talking To Her Body!

The Industry spends millions of dollars each year raising awareness of Cancer and makes billions out of treating patients using expensive medical drugs and surgery […]

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masuru emoto's water crystals

If Human Thought Can Do This To Water – Just Imagine What Our Thoughts Are Doing To Us! [Video]

Just over decade ago, if you had told somebody that human thought can have a direct and measurable effect on matter they would have probably […]

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how to breathe correctly

How To Breathe Correctly To Maintain And Even Improve Your Health

For centuries yogis have known that ‘breath is life’ and that by simply returning to the body’s natural way of ‘breathing itself’ this can even […]

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money won't make you happy but neither will a lock of it

Money won’t make you happy but neither will a lack of money!

Perhaps the most disempowering thing I hear from earnest seekers on the spiritual path is that many Enlightened Beings were poor, and they often point […]

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WATCH as compound in Cannabis oil (THC) kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone!

Watch the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, kills cancer cells in the video below! Since 1974, research has shown that cannabis has powerful anti-tumor effects […]

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thyroid gland human anatomy

Thyroid malfunction? Understanding the endocrine system from an energy standpoint

A malfunctioning thyroid gland seems to be very commonplace today, with a marked increase in prescription drugs for hypothyrodism and hyperthryroidism. That’s good news for […]

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Dowsing: Exploring the quantum universe through the frontiers of your mind

We are all much more than the physical form we perceive in the mirror each day. Inside the body resides the timeless, immortal self. The […]

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walnut tree bach flower

Experience the positive power of change with Bach Flower Essence ‘Walnut’.

Are you going through tremendous change in your life right now? Are you moving home, getting married or getting divorced, starting a new job or […]

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humanity's blossoming - the rise of the lotus flower

Humanity’s Blossoming: The rise of the Lotus Flower

The symbol of the Indian lotus (often called ‘lotus flower’) has been a spiritual symbol in the East for thousands of years. The spiritual meaning […]

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a sensual eye watching

Scientists Discover That Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

“The eyes are the windows to the soul”. People usually say this when they can see a powerful emotion in the face and eyes of […]

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