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the healing and transformatjve power of yoga

The healing and transformative power of yoga

Often when looking to yoga from the outside people think it is all about being flexible and attaining beautiful postures with the body. So it […]

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What Does It Mean to Meditate? And Why Meditation isn’t About Drifting or Falling Asleep!

Is there one ‘ultimate’ way to meditate? What’s the deal? Today, leaders in the business world use ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ to help them do their […]

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The Law of Attraction: Life is about two subjects – wanted and unwanted

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ – Nikola Tesla The Law of Attraction […]

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view of earth from space

How remote energy healing works

“If a quantum field holds us all together in its invisible web, we will have to rethink our definitions of ourselves and what exactly it […]

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indian woman smiling a radiant smile

The mind is the source of all suffering, and the source of all happiness

“The mind is the source of all suffering, and it is also the source of all happiness. When something comes up in your life that […]

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indian head massage - indian champissage treatment

Indian Champissage: Combining the power of touch with ‘energy medicine’

On the surface it looks simple and ‘nothing much’ but there’s more to this treatment than meets the eye! Once of my yoga students recently jumped […]

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Girl Bala, The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats!

Giri Bala, The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats!

The great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, in Chapter 46 of his now infamous book, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi‘, tells the world of a yogini saint, Giri […]

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multicoloured iris

Endometriosis Disappears and Eyesight Heals as a ‘Side Effect’ of Energy Healing

“The body, which I had previously considered as ‘mine’, now healed itself of a variety of illnesses. Astonishingly, sight occurred without wearing glasses…there was a […]

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woman heals herself from cancer

Woman Heals Herself From Cancer By Talking To Her Body!

The Industry spends millions of dollars each year raising awareness of Cancer and makes billions out of treating patients using expensive medical drugs and surgery […]

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masuru emoto's water crystals

If Human Thought Can Do This To Water – Just Imagine What Our Thoughts Are Doing To Us! [Video]

Just over decade ago, if you had told somebody that human thought can have a direct and measurable effect on matter they would have probably […]

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how to breathe correctly

How To Breathe Correctly To Maintain And Even Improve Your Health

For centuries yogis have known that ‘breath is life’ and that by simply returning to the body’s natural way of ‘breathing itself’ this can even […]

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raju elephant rescued

Raju The Elephant Weeps While Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Confinement!

For fifty years, Raju endured various forms of abuse and lived in chains 24/7. When he became aware of his rescue, the elephant couldn’t contain […]

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