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4 Ways To Stop Being Distracted By The Constant Ping of Your Phone!

If we constantly check for text or Whatsapp messages and become hypnotised by our Facebook feed, then we become slaves to our present-day technology rather […]

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advances in technology require a change in consciousness

Advances In Technology Require A Change In Consciousness

Today, humanity is seeing unparalleled advances in technology but are we seeing the spiritual evolution that is necessary to accompany it? The message of Hiroshima […]

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woman massaging reflexes of her foot

Rebalance your body with 5 key reflex points!

Have you noticed that whenever you are overtired or under the weather your feet may start to ache in particular places? Did you know that […]

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brain versus mind

Your Conscious Mind: The Creator Within

The evolution of higher mammals (including chimps, cetaceans and humans) brought forth a new level of awareness called “self-consciousness,” or, simply, the conscious mind. The […]

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Steven Drucker and Jane Goodall speaking

GM Foods: Uncovering the Biggest Scientific Fraud of Our Age!

For at least fifteen years families in the USA alone have been regularly ingesting ‘food’ products that the FDA’s own scientific staff had previously determined […]

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gorillas dismantle poaching traps

Gorillas Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps In The Wild – A First!

‘ A pair of gorillas were observed seeking out and destroying poachers’ snares after an infant in their group was killed by one of the […]

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Ikea to use mushroom packaging that will decompose in a garden within weeks

mushroom packagingIkea is to use mushroom packaging that will decompose in a garden within weeks — and they’re not the only big company turning to […]

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conscious being in prayer

7 billion conscious human beings would create a very different world

People are worried that with an ever increasing population we won’t have enough land to live on… that we won’t have enough food, or clean, […]

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eft emotional freedom technique

Can tapping on your body really make you feel better?

So what’s all this tapping about then? Tap, tap, tap… Well, tapping in random places on your body might not do much but tapping on […]

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This Canadian Police Force has Started Meditating

This Canadian Police Force has Started Meditating

These images will change the way you view these police officers – wouldn’t it be great if all officers worldwide incorporated this into their training? Officers […]

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jaime tanna playing panart hang

Sounds of the Hang – a Metal ‘Sound Sculpture’ that heals and transforms

Since its modest beginnings in Switzerland, the Hang (also called ‘Handpan’) has continued to capture the attention of millions, firstly because of the unique, hypnotic sounds […]

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the truth about cancer

The Truth About Cancer: What You Need To Know!

In today’s world of fear-based corporate agendas and outright deception, it takes courage to stand up and speak the truth. Often, it’s a lonely journey […]

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