Covid-19: What nobody’s saying about Karma

Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, something that is easy to understand on the surface, but very open to misinterpretation, particularly by the egoic mind.  

To date, I don’t recall anyone writing or speaking about the powerful role Karma that is playing out right now in relation to Covid-19 and the immense changes that have been thrust upon us as human beings.

Let’s start with a basic premise that most will understand.  If you were to put your hands into a roaring fire, they would most likely get burned.

Some might say you were ‘being punished’ by an angry God, or ‘for your sins’.  Yet neutral discernment would allow you to see that you were burned because of a simple cause and effect relationship.  The fire was hot, and your hands could not withstand the temperature, so they burned on contact.

This is, however, just one level of Karma.  One level of understanding that deals only with the physical or material plane of consciousness.

There are other levels of Karma.

For example, the idea that you were punished for doing something is, from my point of view, still erroneous but it leans towards something deeper if we care to look.

If you were having negative thoughts about somebody, or a situation (where probably there was a ‘somebody’ involved), then you probably ‘lost awareness’ and put your hands into the fire without realising.  This is a more subtle aspect of Karma — your lack of awareness is what caused you to get burned.

What caused you to think negative thoughts?  Your previous and present Karma with that person or situation, and your inability to witness yourself from a state of Loving Awareness or Presence.

Depending on your level of consciousness, you might get angry with the fact you were burned or you might see it as a ‘prod’ from the field of consciousness to ‘wake up’.  Indeed, the sensation of getting your hands burned, if only for a second, would snap you out of your identification with your story.

If you were already practising conscious dis-identifcaiton from your own mind structures, you would heed the ‘message’ or ‘signal’ from the field of consciousness, and become more present as the witness of yourself.  If you were heavily identified with your mind, and the pain, then you would perhaps get into another cycle of negativity.

Covid19 — Karmic consequences?

This year, we have seen the unleashing of a new virus on humanity that immediately paved the way for all kinds of egoic posturing and insanity.

At one level, we have the virus that was supposedly created in China (yet to be isolated and proven through Koch’s postulate), that spread around the world, causing humans to die — this is really down to the fact that we, as a largely unconscious society, have allowed the continuation of genetic engineering of viruses in labs for God only knows what purpose?  This can be seen to be one level of Karma – the ignorance or stupidity to allow such things to continue unquestioned, without calling our global leaders to account, despite the dangers.

Another level of Karma can be seen in the fact that many of the actions taken were extremely harmful, and worse than the disease itself, yet accepted by the masses because of fear. Constant mask wearing, even over children and babies’ faces, adherence to social distancing and lockdowns for months, despite the ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve’ speak.

Make no mistake, lockdowns have killed many through isolation, suicide, poverty, domestic abuse and the inability to get treatment for existing illnesses — and will harm or kill billions of people through the ensuing grinding poverty whilst making a few insanely rich.  Where each person finds themself in relationship to the political and economic structures playing out is also Karmic in consequence.  We are all in the same storm, not in the same boat!

That doesn’t mean we should point the finger at anyone suffering and say they ‘deserve’ this in any way… no!  That is a spiritual blasphemy.  We are all ‘one step away’ from our own downward spiral.  There is a fine balance.

Suffering has its role in the awakening of humanity but we must seek to help those less fortunate, not turn away.

The inability to question the ‘new normal’ enacted by those in charge of patriarchal power structures that oppress and suppress true awakening) is yet another level of cause and effect.  Most people do not hold their leaders to account, and have not done enough ‘mind training’ or ‘consciousness training’ to stay present in the fear of death. The limbic brain does not reason!

Another level of Karma is to do with the Soul choice to actually leave this dimension of consciousness.  We call this death, and so many are frightened of it.

Many souls have contracted the virus during this time and some have decided to leave,  many of them older with pre-existing co-morbidities.  This is another level of Karma.  The soul does not stick around forever, something we are reluctant to admit to.

The human ego hates death, and so there have been multiple levels of reactivity to this innate fear of annihilation.

Death by this new disease was touted as being ‘unacceptable’ by the mainstream press, who work for an elite set of controllers, and the ‘cure’ of lockdowns caused (and is causing) untold misery to the whole planet. Instead of isolating and treating those who contracted the virus, the controllers locked up a whole planet, and kept them in fear, something that has never been done before — and, I personally hope — will never be done again as we wake up to a collective solution that is empowering and caring, rather than one which is utterly self-destructive.

The constant fear-based script of the media has pushed nearly everyone into a type of psychosis, where they seem unable to see that the death rate is actually very low in most countries, and that most of the so-called scientific measures are absurd and have no real science behind them.  And yet this psychosis is another level of cause and effect.

The further decision to determine who is ‘essential’ (Amazon, CostCo) and who is not (your friendly local business/restaurant/pub etc) was made at the very top by the same controllers selling the vaccine to get things back to normal, having nothing to do with reality and everything to do with a power grab.

Many people have been so caught up in their own lives, even now, and have taken most of their cues from the propaganda machine, refusing to research things for themselves.  They they seem unable to step back and see the profiteering by Bill Gates and his cronies – which includes the UK Prime Minister. Yet another level of deep ignorance is playing out here.

Those in power are also generating huge Karmic consequences — most of which will be seen in years to come.  Yes, I’m talking about the new mRNA vaccines that will change the genetic code of humans, forever — those that naively choose to take them without any due diligence.  The assumption that vaccines are safe comes from years of conditioning and blind belief.

Most people naively believe and trust that these new vaccines will ‘save them’ and that things will ‘go back to normal’ once they comply.  They fail to see the corruption. Again, a karmic consequence of a deep and pervasive socialisation.

At the individual level, the decision to take the new vaccines will produce another level of consequence, or Karma.  Ultimately, the individual will be responsible for his or her choice in this matter, especially since the companies producing the vaccine have zero liability for all harm caused directly or indirectly. From a higher consciousness perspective, this is insane — but again, these events playing out are Karmic in nature.

For decades, people have given their power away to useless authority figures, and also the many ‘men in white coats’ who supposedly have more intelligence than they do.  The few scientists and doctors in bed with the authority figures, pushing the agenda of vaccines, are hailed as heroes, and those speaking out cautioning against the new ‘cure’ that might cause untold harm are attacked and vilified.

The controllers and their media arm have easily divided people into ‘vaxxers’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’, destroying true conversation about empirical harm and what is acceptable. They use the pen as a sword.  The term ‘anti-vaxx’ is paired with the term ‘propaganda’ for maximum effect, or the word ‘conspiracy’ is put alongside ‘theory’ to disengage the average mind from further enquiry.  Meanwhile, ‘vaccine information’ is always used  even when it is clear that it is propaganda that is being used to sell the solution and drive a profit for those in charge.

The opportunity to awaken and come into alignment with one’s High Self, as well as medical freedom/bodily integrity, is another level of Karma, with its own set of consequences. Many people I know are talking about ‘The Great Awakening’ of humanity, to take back its power and to trust its own body — but awakening often goes against the grain of unconsciousness, and it is never an easy path.  There is already talk of those who don’t take the vaccine being shunned (not allowed to travel or enter shops or places of entertainment).

Another level of ‘Karmic choice’ is that you have chosen to be here as a Soul at this time — like it or not.  How you respond in each moment to the global changes will determine your own personal reality, and if you are awake and conscious enough, your choices may also greatly influence others around you as well.

Karma is not a rigid belief system, it is word or label that signifies the changing consequences of our choices. We all have an active role in determining our fate, or Karma.

As we say goodbye to 2020, how are we going to move into 2021?  That is the question before us.

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December 4, 2020
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