A Story About Humanity, Written in the year 2100 A.D

It was the year 2020, and many humans forgot to see that the elite billionaires and most of their self-serving, compliant puppet leaders were insisting that THEIR self-interest was for humanity’s benefit, when it was purely and simply for THEIR BENEFIT.

Worse still, humanity turned a blind eye to those leaders’ words and actions, where they saw them using all their political, economic and legal and media power to do this.

And the majority of humans, deeply inconsolable in their grief and fear and unconscious of their own immortal light, stopped questioning why they were allowing the minority to profit from this. Perhaps they never questioned this anyway, and so they were afraid to do so.

A large part of humanity had clearly forgotten the fact that FEAR is really about CONTROL, a limited, egoic state of unconsciousness that created the necessary conditions for the two world wars of the 20th century to come about, as well a the devastating holocaust of WWII.

And many humans allowed draconian “emergency” measures to be passed quickly, under their noses, disregarding the disturbing evidence and the many voices speaking out warning them that the data used to support such measures had been corrupted.

Many humans were hypnotised by the deep fear that had been programmed into their minds, and allowed themselves to believe in “future time” scripts devised by the elite and mainstream media, failing to look behind the curtain to see, once again, the few controlling the worldwide agenda for their own personal gain.

However, other humans who had walked the path of self-awareness, “awake” beings, were looking and questioning many things.

Awake humans wondered why more people were not speaking up, why important religious and spiritual leaders were choosing to be silent at such a critical time. Many organisations and individuals with great powers of influence were strangely silent.

Those who were awake and active were in the minority, so it was easy for the majority — that is, those who were asleep — to criticise or condemn them for jeopardising “their safety.” Further, they accused them of being snake oil salesmen, or having something to gain, ignoring the fact that their own leaders and the elite few behind those leaders were selling them the real snake oil – a potentially toxic vaccine that would produce billions for one man and his minions, ignoring once again the devastation of the masses.

The awake humans, however stood their ground, looking carefully at the words and actions taken by those in power very carefully, and they could see that this was the same old story of power and greed disguised in a new form. The awake could not be easily manipulated through fear.

They saw that the new virus, and particularly the fear generated around it, had created a deadly smokescreen so that those who believed in disease would ultimately not trust their own bodies — and, even worse, they would not trust even their own friends, families and neighbours. Virtually all other people would be seen as a disease. Many even took to wearing masks in nature.

As if that wasn’t enough, there were also clear signs of plans afoot to bring in a devastating ‘social credit system’ to make sure that all humans complied with the hierarchical new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

Humanity was yet to learn the basic lesson of witnessing, of moving into a state of heightened alertness or “Presence” which would allow real and lasting solutions to spring forth from within the deeper dimensions of consciousness and, more critically, from the bottom up. The majority refused to see that the plan was to control them into medical subservience, and even medical oppression.

The powers-that-be wanted to ensure obligatory vaccinations to keep every person safe — using the rhetoric of “no one left behind” — all the while denying the obvious and startling perversion that this was about money and control, pure and simple.

Humanity found itself at a powerful crossroads — to wake up and understand that it was the creator of its own consciousness, or to be forever programmed into a divisive, subversive reality, based on AI programming, the latter determining what or who was “good” and what was “bad”, who was “right” and who was “wrong”.

Many failed to see that the power of AI was being hijacked to serve the powerful few once again!

On planet Earth, as it was then, the majority of humans failed to see the abject horror of the AI system the Chinese people were living under — the constant surveillance from a technology which allowed NO privacy whatsoever.  They called it 5G.

These humans failed to see that the primary world health organisation was being funded by the elite and the Chinese to bring about the same “control system” in a different guise. Democracy was giving way to a technocracy of unspeakable horror.

Yet the majority of humans were so concerned with their own selves, that they could not see the clear power struggle going on, an epic battle between good and evil. They even jeered and condemned their fellow awake human beings who dared to have the courage to question the authority figures for reading from a script.

The Powerful, who owned the control grid, could see that their power over humanity was weakening over the years… what they had was not enough for them. Their mad, dysfunctional collective ego was hell bent on acquiring more power no matter the real cost.

Many humans had been awakening, coming off medications and seeking out natural ways of healing the body-mind-spirit continuum through powerful practices like meditation, yoga and by seeking alternative ways of being human and fully alive. They had been realising that the human body was what the masters, yogis and seers had said all along – not just physicalised matter but a living ‘body of Light’, a mini universe of breathing intelligence.

These awake souls saw the powerful response of the human body to both internal and external environmental signals, coined under the emerging new scientific name of epigentics, ditching the long held, erroneous medical belief that the body was faulty and stupid — and ditching the theory of genes as the primary reason for disease or ill health.

Awake scientists at that time joined the call for a more enlightened way of seeing the body and creating health, instead of perpetuating the sickness model.

The elite’s power structures were crumbling but they had massive amounts of power and money, and they lurked in the shadows to control humanity’s governments and media arm. Some politicians were driven by greed and their egos, in bed with this evil, because of the desire for fame, money or power or all three, others were clueless, floundering in the face of unprecedented disaster, not being able to see through the fog of illusions.

The majority of humans did not yet realise that they had created this situation by giving away too much power to faceless authorities in the first place – those of lower consciousness who had no idea about how the human body truly operates, or how to create real health.

In fact, looked at carefully, these authorities had already been doing everything they could to stop the rising consciousness.

The mainstream powers had long pooh-poohed any type of ‘medicine’  or ‘healing’ apart from the reductionist one – they had ignored or suppressed holistic medicine and its clear advances for decades, labelling it as “junk science”, and posting leading false information across key websites to derail any authentic enquiry. They knew the mind was easily fooled, but they had underestimated the power of the heart, and the power of human connection.

These powers in charge were so dysfunctional that they had denigrated even their own best scientific minds whenever there was a possible breakthrough moment of discovery, anything that countered the reductionist model of a disease-based approach to health.

The laws and rules were clear, set by the elite few. Holistic medicine and approaches were only “band aids”, nothing to be taken seriously. These powers even went so far as to make it illegal to say anything outside of mainstream Pharma-based medicine and approaches could “cure” a disease. They conveniently forgot to mention the appalling bad ‘success’ rates of their own protocols and medicines, where the goal was always about profit.

They certainly didn’t like the placebo effect, where a harmless sugar pill would perform as well as, if not better than, their complex drugs in trials, and they didn’t know what to make of the spontaneous regression of serious diseases like Cancer, so these so-called ‘anomalies’ went largely unacknowledged by mainstream reductionist science and the media, and these startling results were continually suppressed for fear of alerting people to the fact that the body was a highly intelligent mechanism, capable of overcoming and healing serious diseases all bey itself!

Misinformation and disinformation were key propaganda tools by the Powerful to keep the status quo.

Those awake humans understood that the current ‘health’ model was actually sickness model, based on the intention of mitigating disease, rather than creating health. In fact, it was already fully known by those enlightened beings that in the absence of psychological, emotional and spiritual health, there COULD BE NO HEALTH. The human body was an intelligent “energy” system constantly responding to complex interrelated conditions, external and internal.

Awake beings deeply understood there was no external cause of disease, which explained and accounted for the huge variability in diseases, and the way medicine worked or failed to work.

Those who still slumbered could not see or accept the fact that disease is a co-created experience. The conditions must be such in the body as to warrant a disease based response, and even then, there was still always the possibility of self-healing.

This was called ‘dangerous’ thinking by those in power, and those who were asleep.

Interestingly, the fear-based response to the virus was perpetuating and even creating more sickness, and even deaths. Forced isolation for long periods of time, particularly amongst the elderly and more frail, plus the intense magnification of the false belief that the body was not be trusted all led to creating the perfect conditions for disease and death to thrive even more.

Conversely, all of the powerful intuitive and rational understandings about health, were summarily ignored or dismissed.  Nothing was mentioned to give hope —

Direct sunlight, grounding by connecting to the harmonising frequency of the Earth, eating clean, non-toxic whole-foods, breathing deeply in nature to reduce the stress response and recharge the bio-electrical body with prana (or living energy), exercising to move the toxins out of the lymph, partial fasting, and human touch, were all conveniently and dangerously ignored.

Faceless fact-checking sites appeared quickly across the Big Tech platforms to ensure that humans didn’t stray from the top-down narrative being pushed. AI took down videos that came from nurses and doctors that countered the top-down agenda – the Powerful didn’t want any “dangerous humans” spreading ideas, or even facts, that would help people feel safe and happy, and give them actual hope.

These heretics would have been burned at the stake, if this was an earlier time on Earth!

Most humans were far too too trusting of a medical and politically entrenched system that was deeply flawed, and even bankrupt.

Many knew that diseases were on the rise in their supposedly “technologically superior” society, yet they insisted that the failing system was the way to go. They wanted to believe in someone or something to ‘save them’.

The Powerful would be damned if they allowed humanity to side step their draconian solutions but many aware and awake humans were realising they they would be damned if they didn’t. They knew that if humanity gave up that amount of power over their bodies and lives, it would never be returned — and so they wanted to alert their brothers and sisters that such a harsh top-down system would amount to slavery.

Emergency legislation was already being used to pass draconian laws humanity would never otherwise accept. Who would accept that failing flu jabs were “mandatory” every year?

No one.

The new virus, however, would mutate like any other virus, so why was there was no reason to think that the new ‘miracle cure’ of a vaccine would be any better that the flu?

Yet because there was a persistent false illusion that vaccines had stopped all major diseases, many humans continued to run the false dialogue in their heads that vaccines were the miracle solution! These humans also conveniently ignored the overarching fact that their hallowed vaccine industry had been largely protected from the harm that it had already caused to many children and adults.

Medical dogma had turned brilliant doctors and scientists questioning the data into heretics and outcasts. These brilliant minds were labelled “quacks” even if they were outstanding in their respective fields. You see, the industry and the powers that be could not have any dissenters.

The mainstream media, again owned and directed by the Powerful, was advised constantly to ignore such dangerous people and the global health organisations that needed to promote the money-spinning health/vaccine agenda needed to ensure that humanity was on board and that all dissenters would be crushed.

The truth that many of the people who had died were already sick in some way, or had conditions that contributed to their death, was being conveniently ignored. The media ensured fear was the order of the day by highlighting those exceptional cases where younger humans had died, and ignored the fact that misleading data was being used as well. The tests being used had an 80% false positive rate and the recording of deaths was also hugely biased, if not outright manipulated.

The incredible fact, right from the beginning, was that at least 85% of the world was already going to recover, even perhaps as much as 95% taking into account only the younger healthier populations.

Yet the majority of humanity had accepted the fear, and were unconscious and asleep with regards to the real agenda. Indeed, the planned media narrative that staying home was really about “saving lives” had become a farce in the face of the severe economic adversity that was actually destroying innocent lives all around them, and yet they failed to see it.

The so-called “cure” had become the disease.

Many humans readily bowed in subservience to the faceless “law” that “knows best.”

Some were too scared, others too weak or complacent, and so it was left to those who had the foresight and courage to ask the difficult questions. These humans were working tirelessly behind the scenes for good to prevail.

The powers did not expect to be questioned or held to account. They never had to, so they didn’t expect anything to change.

They had gotten away with their corruption for so long that they assumed the crushing fear would be enough. They were sure that the media distractions inside people’s homes would be enough. They wrongly assumed that their media driven, fear-based projections, based on faulty perception and junk data would keep humans locked into a state of powerlessness.

Yet awake humans saw that this mentally projected reality had little or nothing to do with real life.

They saw that many hospitals couldn’t cope before the crisis because of the decisions by key politicians in years gone by to close down most of them, making them a weak structure, incapable of adjusting to a pressurised situation.

The asleep humans, instead of consciously recognising this tactic suddenly made these villains their heroes. They loved them as they told them a powerful story of they were saving many lives by staying at home and not questioning anything, and it felt very good to get rid of the guilt and fear, even as their continued inaction and inability to question the narrative contributed to the suffering of others, and the elite’s plan of global domination.

They ignored the families and communities that were crumbling, where food banks were horribly empty, people were falling below the breadline in their own countries as well as in poorer countries — millions falling into the cracks of despair, with no money, food or shelter, waiting to be bailed out by a heartless, corrupt system that cared only for its self.

Of course the Powerful – the elite and so-called leaders — were not actually struggling or suffering in any way — but they desired to show their “humanity” by grand gestures of “giving” various sums of money to the poor, all the while knowing that they stood to make Billions.  They even faked the severity of their own illnesses to gain public sympathy.

The majority of humans saw the deep injustice of the system, but ignored it. Their own suffering was already too great, or perhaps not great enough to move them into action.

Those who could not work, who could not feed their families and children, who were facing bankruptcy and the loss of their homes and lives questioned the insanity of such a system! They questioned the diseased way of thinking that had hijacked humanity’s peace and strength, and interconnectedness.

Many people seemed to be okay with their physical and mental lethargy. They had enough to get by, and didn’t have to face a deep crisis like homelessness and/or no food.

The asleep humans ignored the way the banks were still demanding payments from mortgages and loans (yes, these banks gave the option of a “holiday” but interest would still be charged) and they ignored the fact that energy companies were making money regardless of the situation (the governments didn’t freeze these costs or cover them), and they ignored the fact that essential services like holistic medicine and nutritional stores were forced to close but junk and fast food stores were “conveniently” open, and that convenience stores continued to sell alcohol and cigarettes — because it was considered “normal” to kill themselves slowly with poisons but not quickly because of a virus. (And how would the alcohol and cigarette industries survive if the government mandated that no smoking and no drinking was essential for human health? And the governments wouldn’t make so much money then either…).

And there were many other aspects of a dysfunctional collective paradigm, mandated by the deeply unconscious in power, that asleep humans readily bought into because of the power of the media to control the script and the beliefs in their heads.

Humanity needed to be reminded. That was all to turn the tide.

Humans needed to be reminded that the body was an incredible, wonderful aspect of consciousness that could heal them without the need for invasive medicine and/or procedures — with side effects including critical injury and even possible death.

Unconscious humans erroneously concluded that some medicines, called vaccines, must be okay if the majority were not sick after having them. Yet they failed to see the long-term consequences of these “medicines”, failed to see that the steady rise in dementia, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune and other dysfunctions of the body were at the very least linked to the toxins in those medications.

Unconscious humans had so totally disconnected from the intelligence of their bodies that they needed to rely overtly on reductionist science to tell them “the truth”, failing to see the wide variability of human health. They did not want to see that their accepted story of health through external methods like vaccines and pills was mainly based on junk science and political propaganda. It would crash their precious belief system in external medicine as the “holy grail” and force them to realise the uncomfortable but deeply healing truth, that human consciousness alone is responsible for the health or disease of anybody – or “ANY body”.

Whether a person ate something or didn’t, whether they exercised or didn’t, whether they ingested poisons or didn’t, whether they loved or hated others, whether there was a deep sense of connection to their Higher Self and the Conscious Universe, or not.

Unconscious humans did not want to admit that there was no proof in the efficacy or safety of their current health care system, including vaccines. Many bright scientific minds were desperately highlighting the need to have both safety and efficacy, but the medical dogma prevailed.

Most unconscious humans turned a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence of severe harm and even death caused by certain medicines, vaccines or combinations thereof. It was conveniently labelled as Iatrogenic death, and the unconscious egoic mind thus accepted that this collateral damage was necessary for the ‘wellbeing of all.’

Interestingly, the powers even wanted to make it illegal to discuss harm caused by medicine. Much like the dogma of the Christian Church centuries before, medicine had been subverted by the powerful few to push a narrow agenda of fear.

These powerful few were not really powerful, they were weak – they didn’t want any discussion because their arguments would fail under the public light of scrutiny. They knew that their reductionist science was dogma, not truth.

Humanity stood at a giant crossroads — awaken to the full realisation that no medical intervention or outside force could ever be “the solution” for human health, or to fall into a perverted paradigm where the corrupt few continued to control and dominate the many, for their own gain, where AI was the ruler, rather than human consciousness.

By Ariel Sanat Tanna, descendent of Jaime and Jennifer Tanna, my great great great grandparents and Bringers of the Light

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April 28, 2020

Jaime Tanna

Jaime Tanna is an international teacher and energy therapist specialising in the healing arts. As the visionary founder and director of Energy Therapy, Jaime is an experienced Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Intuitive, and brings a wide array of different skills to the healing table. Coming from a family of pharmacists and doctors, Jaime grew up with a strong allopathic model of the world but quickly saw the limitations of that paradigm. Today, with clients and students throughout the world, Jaime specialises in personal and spiritual development, yoga and meditation, and clearing and rebalancing the human energy field inspiring clients and students to connect to their deepest being to create a life lived on purpose, and with joy!

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