Venus in Pisces: Dissolve the boundaries of separation between you and your beloved and experience the truth of Divine love.

venus in piscesNow is the time to dissolve the boundaries of separation between you and your beloved and experience the truth of Divine love.

On March 26th, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces and will be there until the 20th April. This is a wonderful period for connections with others and relationships of all kinds, since Venus is considered to be ‘exalted’ in Pisces.

Not all planetary placements are equal. In plain English, exalted means that there is an affinity between the planet Venus and the sign Pisces, and that it is much easier for Venus to get her needs met in this sign than in most others.

One way to understand a planet’s meaning is to see it as describing a particular facet of our own being. And this part of us has its own needs, and it wants those needs fulifilled. In Venus’ case, one of its main needs it to connect with and relate to others. Hence it is one of the key things to look for in a person’s chart when discussing relationships.

If you have Venus in Pisces in your natal chart, then it suggests good fortune (or at least the potential for it) in your relationships. And for the rest of us during the next few weeks we can all get a taste of what this feels like. More about that in a minute!

(If you’re not sure where your natal Venus is, click this link to get a free copy of your chart:

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, a Water sign, that I like to describe as the Cosmic Soup – where all separation dissolves back into Oneness. If you have Venus in Pisces natally then essentially you are looking for intimate bonding and a merged state of psychic connection with another. There is a desire for somebody who can meet you in the deepest place of connection and for the merging of consciousness, such that it can be hard to tell where you end and they begin.

So you need a relationship that can lift you into an altered state. There is a desire for relationship as a spiritual path, which can lead you into direct communion with the Divine. You may perceive the other as a soul inside a body, rather than just seeing the other person as a ‘body’.

This placement makes you extremely compassionate towards others – you may well feel others’ emotions as your own, since the lack of boundaries in this field of Cosmic Soup means you naturally soak up the feelings of those around you. So you have to be very careful with whom you spend your time.

While you are much more likely to experience the higher side of Venus given its exalted nature, there are still pitfalls to be aware of, should the not-so-healthy aspects of Pisces come out.

One of the challenges of this placement can be not knowing how much is enough. Pisces is formless, and just like water, your caring nature can have no bounds, expanding to fill the space available. This is a great gift, and at the same time you need to be careful of being taken advantage of, getting into victim-saviour relationships or of not maintaining healthy boundaries with others.

Pisces is also very idealistic, and hence you may not always see, or accept, the reality of what you are dealingwith, since you refuse to take off your rose-coloured glasses. This can often lead to disillusionment and disappointment later when that ‘unseen’ or ‘unaccepted’ reality smacks you in the face!

Now, until 20th April 2019, while Venus is in Pisces, there is the promise of deeper emotional connections for everybody, with your partners, and also with close friends. You may notice a shift at this time from the need for plenty of space and freedom (while Venus was in Aquarius from 1st to 26th March), to this need for a merging of souls, beyond the confines of space and time. This is the natural rhythm of ‘yin yang’.

The boundaries between yourself and the other are likely to be more translucent for the next few weeks, meaning an opportunity to understand and connect with one another on a feeling level in a more profound manner than usual.

This is the perfect time for meditating together, gazing at the ocean in silence with a loved one by your side, and allowing the natural, intuitive wisdom of your essence to take the lead in all interactions.

You are also likely to find yourself feeling much more loving, caring and compassionate towards others during this period. Venus in Pisces brings out our softer side, as we are able to touch the innate knowing that behind the multitude of personalities and expressions, we are truly are all One.

It will be much easier to see the good in others, and recognise how we are all doing our best in trying circumstances, making it a time where forgiveness comes more easily and naturally.

So make the most of the next few weeks by prioritising quality time with those closest to you, and you may just find your sense of separateness dissolving and discover the Divine within

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March 26, 2019

Jaime Tanna

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