Intuitive Astrology: September Full Moon 2019

The September 13-14th Full Moon falls in the sign of Pisces and holds the potential to be deeply transformative and illuminating. 

This year the September Full Moon is also referred to as the Harvest Moon, as it is the last Full Moon before the Equinox.

As the last Full Moon before the seasons change, this our opportunity to “harvest” all we can before we enter into the new season. It is also a time for us to reap the rewards of all we have achieved since the Solstice back in June.

Take a moment to think back to this point in the year. Who were you then? Who are you now? What have you learned? How have you changed?

Harvest Moons are always cleansing, so if there is something you no longer wish to take with you into the new season, this is the perfect time to release and let it go.

Falling in the watery sign of Pisces, this Full Moon is a sensitive one and may trigger unresolved or unexpressed emotions. We may also feely deeply sensitive and find it hard to not absorb the emotions of the world around us.

While this level of sensitivity can be difficult at times, under this Pisces Full Moon if we allow these feelings to come and go as visitors, rather than trying to control them, we may discover that our emotions, whether they come from us or not, have a message or a lesson for us to appreciate and learn from.

Pisces energy also rules over the feet, so if we find ourselves feeling too emotional or sensitive, grounding exercises such as walking barefoot on the grass or even taking a moment to acknowledge how our feet hold and support us may bring some relief.

The September Full Moon is also closely connected to the Jupiter Neptune Square, which will add to its illumination factor. Around this Full Moon, a new truth may be revealed or we may discover that something we believed to be true may not be what it seemed.

No matter how aware or observant we become, we can never really understand the full picture. Just like we don’t fully understand the way an atom works or our body works, we can’t ever truly understand how life works, and what our purpose is through all of it.

There is so much more to this life than we know, but not knowing is part of the adventure, and the more we surrender to the fact that we don’t know, the more open and curious we can become about the world and our role in it.

When we believe we know it all, we get rigid and stuck, and we stop ourselves from learning and being open to change.

Beliefs change, we change, knowledge changes. What we believe about ourselves today may not be true tomorrow, and being part of this flow and part of this movement will help to bring ease to any new revelations or truths that are brought to light under this Pisces Full Moon.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Although they swim their own separate ways, they work as a team and are connected through a spiritual cord. Using their intuitive senses, they can see through each other’s eyes and know what the other is thinking, feeling, and experiencing.

These two fish symbolize the yin and yang of life but also the pursuit of higher levels of consciousness.

One fish swims in a downward direction, reminding us to stay rooted and present in reality but the other swims in an upward direction, reminding us that there is so much more to life and realms beyond this one.

The downward swimming fish is our roots, whereas the upward swimming fish is our higher mind and higher consciousness. While they swim their own way, they are still connected.

We need to root ourselves to the Earth and be present in this physical reality that we live in. But, we also need to remember that this life is temporary, filled with unknowns, and not entirely what it seems.

Under the light of the Pisces Full Moon, take a moment to think about how you can bring balance to these ideas in your life.

Have you been too caught up in the physical that you have forgotten the softer, subtler parts of yourself, your soul, and your life journey? Or have you been too caught up in the spiritual that you have forgotten about your tasks here in this physical world?

We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, we are not our thoughts or the experiences that happen to us. We are so much greater than this, and this is what Pisces energy reminds us of.

It reminds us that we are more than we can see and while living in this 3D world is part of our process, it doesn’t mean we can’t have our feet on the ground and our head in the clouds, pursuing our own spiritual knowledge and reaching higher levels of awareness.

Under this Full Moon, we may also feel called to connect with our intuition and deepen our spiritual practice. If you have wanted to meditate or do some ritual work this will be the perfect time to do so.

Overall, the September Full Moon is set to bring new truths to the surface or bring old beliefs crashing to the floor.

It may stir emotions or trigger feelings that need to be expressed and released. It may also guide us to venture into higher states of consciousness and to deepen our spiritual gifts.

It is a heavy Full Moon that may also bring closure as we wrap up the events of the season and prepare to enter into a new one.

The best way to navigate through this Full Moon is to be open to new information and to remember that life is a constant journey of learning.

Even when we think we have it all figured out, life comes along and shows us we still have more to go. This is not a shortcoming of our own but rather the process and adventure that life brings.

If we remain humble and open to the lessons on offer, when we do make that final change from this reality to the next, we will be able to do so knowing we lived, we felt, and we loved to the fullest.

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September 13, 2019
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