Couple’s ‘horrible’ find after returning to scene of viral Instagram photo

marie fe and jake snow

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A travel blogging couple have posted side by side photos showing how a stunning wonder of nature can be destroyed in just 12 months.

Marie Fe of Germany and Jake Snow of Australia fell in love with the beauty of the pink sand and turquoise water of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park, and quickly dubbed it their favourite beach in the world.

When the photogenic Instagram influencers returned to the beach a year later, they were horrified to see the exact same spot on the beach covered in plastic litter!

“2018 PINK BEACH to 2019 PLASTIC BEACH” the caption reads on the account Marie Fe and Jake Snow.

At first glance the social media post published on world earth day looks similar to the rest of the picture perfect couple’s feed, but a click to the right shows the damage one year worth of plastic pollution can cause.

Followers of the couple have been shocked by the photos.

“We don’t deserve the beauty that is this Earth,” one follower posted.

The 'after' shot of the stunning pink sands of Indonesia. (Instagram/mariefeandjakesnow)

The ‘after’ shot of the stunning pink sands of Indonesia. (Instagram/mariefeandjakesnow)

The duo are calling on their 16,000 followers to spread the word and have asked fellow travellers to use the hashtag #PlasticParadise to highlight similar spots that have been ravished by plastic pollution. “So important, thank you for showing the reality,” a fellow travel lover posted. “This is so so sad. It breaks my heart. I want to help,” another person added. The message seems to be working with more than 2,000 likes and almost 3,500 people using the hashtag.

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May 4, 2019

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