Venus in Aries: The Goddess of Love meets the God of War.

Venus in AriesOn April 20th, Venus moves into the sign of Aries and will be there until the 15th May. With Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, this marks the beginning of a new trip around the wheel for the Goddess of Love.

While in the previous few weeks Venus was well placed in the sign of Pisces, she is now considered to be in her detriment. This is because the natures of Venus and Aries are very different. We have the Goddess of Love in the sign of war, which makes for an interesting next few weeks in your relationships.

As I have written about previously, Venus is a symbol for describing the part of our nature that desires harmony, balance and connection with others. Ares, from whom the sign of the zodiac derives, was the Greek God of War. The first sign of the zodiac carries the energy of the Big Bang, it is intense, immediate, fiery and direct. The Aries nature is happy to move towards confrontation, with a desire to get one’s own way. No sign of the zodiac is good or bad, all signs have higher and lower traits to them. It’s just that when a planet is in its detriment it is much easier for the lower than higher side to come out.

Therefore, these next few weeks may well be a time of tension and conflict in your relationships, with many people feeling the warrior impulse in their connections with others. Your diplomatic side may go AWOL during this period as others can have you feeling more fired up then usual. You’ll feel a stronger impulse to stand up for your own beliefs and feelings, which is no bad thing, though you may act and speak impulsively in ways that are insensitive and hurtful if you’re not careful.

If tensions have been simmering under the surface in your relationship then things are likely to get very heated and spill over into full blown conflict as the warriors come face to face on the battlefield, with both convinced they are right and neither willing to back down.

Using the energy of this period constructively means an opportunity to directly address issues in your relationships that you may have been avoiding. Bring the strength, courage and honesty of the warrior to your interactions in order to clear the air, while being aware of the manner in which you are relating. Be very mindful to avoid creating conflict, which will only increase any feelings of isolation or separation.

The other challenging theme that this transit can bring out is selfishness. The nature of Aries can be very me-centric. A concern only for what you want and not able to see or not interested in the other’s perspective or needs. This can be more prevalent in the next few weeks, regardless of your natal Venus placement. So what may be needed during this time is a little more space for yourself. Following the impulse to put yourself first by spending a little more time alone and nurturing self-care can be very beneficial at this time, and enable you to be more present to your partner’s needs when you are together. Giving yourself what you may otherwise look for somebody else to give you is a positive expression of this Venus in Aries period.

Now, what does it mean if you have Venus in Aries in your natal chart? This will say something about key themes that will show up throughout your life in different ways in regards to your relationships.

(If you’re not sure where your natal Venus is, click this link to get a free copy of your chart:

You are likely to be assertive and honest in relationship, and hence need to be with a strong person who can meet this. Somebody shy, retiring, fearful of conflict and evasive will just not work for you. Other people will trigger your anger, frustration and impatience and you are here to learn about dealing with the art of intimate conflict. And while there will be conflict in all relationships at times, for you this is likely to be more overt and heated than most.

You have a need to deal with any issues immediately and head-on. If you do this, then you can resolve problems quickly and move forwards without holding resentment or grudges. While the fire of Aries burns strongly, it also passes quickly.

You will also be given lessons around selfishness. The lower aspect of Aries is ‘me first’, reminiscent of the soldier on the battlefield who has to put all his energy into taking care of himself to stay alive. Thus learning compromise and what it means to have a true partnership are challenging and important lessons for you. (This is especially the case if you are also an Aries Sun, which is quite possible since Venus is never more than 2 signs away from the Sun in any chart.)

You will need more space than most in a relationship; a strong need to do your own thing. This is very important to give yourself otherwise you could end up resenting your partner for limiting your freedom.

And finally, Venus in Aries people are full of passion and enthusiasm when it comes to relationships, though this can burn out quickly if the relationship becomes stale or boring. Your gift and responsibility as a natural leader is to keep this excitement alive by bringing forth your gift for spontaneity and ensuring that there is always something new and novel to do with your partner. Also ensure that your relationship is always moving forwards in some way, so as to assuage your low boredom threshold.

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