Can you get that dream job and live happily ever after?

In my parents’ days, it was common for people to choose ONE profession or career, or job, for life. That always seemed a bit strange to me and I didn’t want to fit into that ‘boxed’ mentality.  It seemed foreign.  It seemed alien.  And, most of all, it seemed LIMITING!

Even today, the idea of one job for life can seem appealing but here’s why it isn’t – even if it’s your ‘dream job’!

A life, generally speaking, spans several decades and there are many ideas that influence us during the course of our lives.

Being open to new adventures as you evolve is actually the best way to live because you will always keep a playful sense of fun about life, and keep your own energy fresh as you reinvent yourself!

You are a multifaceted Being – with many gifts to explore.  Yet others around you, who are disconnected from the Source of Love and Awareness inside of them, will most likely call such ideas childish or unrealistic.

Of course, it is possible that you might find you have a strong, or even burning, desire to follow one path for a while. For example, if you are talented at singing and/or playing an instrument, then the choice to become a recording artist and/or musician will most likely be an easy one, if you can believe you can support yourself financially.

Many people, however, don’t believe they can ‘make it’ in this field, so a strong contradictory thought prevents it from ever happening.  Others around them may have planted a seed of lack from early on, and friends and family may even discourage such a path!

If you’ve been told that you must choose one job or career path, your negative emotion is the indication from your Inner Being that this thought is not a match to what your Inner Being knows about you.  You have far more possibilities than just one.

The thought of choosing one job, or career, for life is really like seeing the same movie every time you go to the cinema, or dining at the same restaurant every week, or going on the same holiday every year. That’s why it feels bad! Your Inner Guidance is alerting you to the fact that you have much more potential for inspiring action than you currently realise.

It is natural for life to keep inspiring you as you change and grow:

“You are always inspired by the events of your life, and when you allow yourself to follow the flow of those inspired ideas, your potential for a joyous experience is much greater than if you were to select your career based on the other reasons that people use to justify their choices, such as family tradition or income potential.” Abraham-Hicks

Don’t try and sort it all out

Wherever you are standing, Vibrationally speaking, choose the thought that most aligns with you right now.  Don’t allow others to tell you to ‘get a real job’ or to ‘grow up’.

Nobody creates in your experience except you.

Others can only influence you (positively or negatively) to the degree that you allow it.

Whatever your definition of a dream job is, it will come to you quickly if you decide to make ‘being happy’ a priority in all areas of your life, and get clarity on the essence of what it is you really want.

Change whenever you feel guided to do so

Whatever your age, you can always make a new decision to change course, and to do something different than what you are doing now if it no longer inspires you.

You’ll also find that previous jobs and things you’ve done will help you.

For example, I used to work in the dot com industry doing web design and development, so those skills greatly help me to understand and  navigate today’s fast moving digital world and run my own, thriving online company.

The Price of Doing It For The Money

Never do it for the money. The price is just not worth it, resulting in stress, heart-attacks and worse.

Many people finish doing a job they hate, and then become very ill or drop dead.  The body needs ‘joy’ coursing through its veins, not just blood.

From today onwards, rather than worrying about pleasing others, do your best to focus on what makes you happy. Then ideas will come to match your vibration of happiness!  This is the big secret under everyone’s noses but which most have forgotten.

One of my favourite examples is Louise Hay who started Hay House, Inc., a successful publishing company, in her 60s. What began as a small venture in the living room of her home has turned into a prosperous corporation that has sold millions of books and products worldwide!

There are many more wonderful examples around you. Just start noticing them and you will be surprised and inspired!















January 19, 2018
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