Insecure and Uninsured

Insecure and UninsuredEverybody is in search of security, safety, insurance: how to avoid death? How to prolong life a little longer, how to be here a little more? How not to die, how to escape from death? 

Death predominates – hence money becomes so important.

Remember, the importance of money is the importance of death, because money gives you a false sense of security – that you have money, that you have the physicians, that you have the medicine, that you have the bank balance, you have the life insurance, you have friends – that you have a good house, that if there is some trouble you are protected.

So a person becomes obsessed too much with money: have more and more money, create big China Walls of money around you, so death cannot penetrate.

But nothing can prevent death.

Your effort to prevent it simply destroys an opportunity which could have been a great experience, which could have flowered into love. There are only two types of people in the world: death-oriented and love-oriented.

Excerpt from “Trust: Living Spontaneously and Embracing Life” by Osho

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October 19, 2017
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