Who Is the Only Person in the World Who Can Make You Angry

There is only one person on the face of this Earth that has the power to make you angry…that person is yourself!

If the same mean thing happened to ten people, they all would react differently. Some of the ten people would get mad, some would get afraid, some would feel sad and some would blow it off. What makes the difference? Why do different people react differently to the same event?

The difference is the personal history of the person and how they have learned to deal with threat, stressors or loss. As the early philosophers said, It s not what happens to you, but how you deal with it that counts.

Anger is one emotion that people use to respond to threat, stressors or loss. It can be a real threat, stressor or loss or one that we make up in our mind. To be human is to be angry some of the time. It is important not to make anger bad. Anger like a hammer can be a tool for destruction or to build something. Anger is a necessary part of being a human being. It has helped us survive as a species.

It Is What We Do With Our Anger That Is Important

  • We can use anger to lash out at others and intimidate them.
  • We can turn it inward and beat ourselves up.
  • We can use it to speak out with firmness increase our self esteem.
  • We can use it to correct a situation that is wrong.

All great social movements had their beginning in someone feeling angry. Anger is a powerful tool for social change on a personal and societal level. We can use our anger as a tool for change. When we use anger in a positive way, self esteem increases. Anger is a coping mechanism for dealing with some event that threatens our body, property, self esteem, values of what we hold near and dear or when we don t get our way.

So you are the only one who can make yourself angry. You choose how you respond to events that upset you. What you think about the event can determine whether you become angry or not. Your thoughts and beliefs can make you angry. Your negative self talk helps you hold onto your anger. Your positive self talk can talk your own anger down.

The Formula Is As Easy As A B C:

A: The Event – The Meaning You Gave to What Happened

B: Thoughts of the Event – Your Beliefs Based on Your Past History

C: Consequent Emotion – Your Self Talk (How thoughts or cool down)

Your Key to Anger Control


Thoughts = Anger


You control the thinking


To pause and cool down
To take down your inflammatory hot thoughts
To breathe deeply and be in control of the situation
To choose a higher level of anger response


Your level of arousal
Other emotions that accompany or substitute for anger
What you tell yourself to keep yourself caught in anger


About how you react to when there are:

Stressors to your body
Risks to your property
Threats to your self-esteem (Being discounted, put down, teased, rumors spread about you, things not going the way you think they should etc.)
You values, what is important being trashed

So watch your thoughts. Learn what angers you. What do you tell yourself to make yourself angry? What do you say to keep yourself angry? You turn your anger up or down by your thoughts. What calming statements do you say to let go of inflaming thoughts? Make a list of your calming thoughts and carry them with you.

It’s All In Your Thoughts

  • The Only Person Who Can Make You Angry Is Yourself!
  • And Likewise, You Are the Only Person Who Can Create Peace of Mind!
  • It is OK to feel angry. It is not OK to hurt yourself or others with your anger.
  • You can learn to separate the Big Deals from the Little Deals.
  • Learn to contain your unnecessary anger. Let the small stuff go.
  • Increase your self esteem by expressing your anger in safe ways.
  • Understand your anger and use it in ways that are helpful to you and others.
  • You don t have to hold onto your anger. You can learn ways to let it go.
  • Change Your Angry Thoughts and You Change Your Life!

Make your life a study of yourself and learn to release negativity that does not fit who you are or who you want to be. Our ideas on this web page can help you learn to empower yourself and release unnecessary anger.

Take Notes! This is Your Life We Are Talking About!

Your Learning To Balance Your Negative Emotions

Leads To A Happier, More Productive Life!

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September 11, 2017
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Lynne Namka

Lynne Namka Ed. D. spent years working with angry children in groups and with families with anger problems. Her mission is to promote peace in the world by teaching people positive social skills. Lynne has written many books and developed products in diverse areas of the self help field including parenting, children, relationships and conscious aging, providing techniques that produce tangible results for personal change and growth. Lynne has now retired from her practice in psychology and lives in Tucson, AZ.

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