Note on: dealing with health challenges

a note on dealing with health challenges
Even if you don’t have your health, you still have your Spirit. The body is transitory, health comes and goes… the immortal, invincible ‘you’ is the ‘Being’ or Spirit inside, free from all constraints of time and space.

Severe health challenges — usually stemming from an injury or illness — can and often does, bring elevated states of awareness when looked at correctly.

As a powerful example, look at the life and work of world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who has ALS.

Notice I did not use the words “suffer from”… indeed, it is safe to say that Hawking has gone beyond his suffering; he has not let his condition or ‘medical diagnosis’ prevent him from living the fullest, richest life possible. We can learn immensely from his outstanding example.

Remember, you always have access to your Innermost Being no matter what. You are Spirit, which is everlasting Source and Life.  This ‘essence’ has the capacity to heal you even when all worldly hope is gone – spontaneously.

Tune into that incredible energy or “presence” each day, no matter your present bodily or life condition, and you will be free.

Let go of needing a certain outcome.

Your health may improve, or it may not. You may spontaneously heal from a chronic injury or illness, or you may not. It will not matter.

Freedom has the highest value.

February 11, 2017
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