Relating in love

romantic silhouette couple standing kissingQ. “I’m in a deep loving relationship with my husband, but at the same time I feel attracted to someone else.”

A. “Two things to remember. The first: love grows only in deep intimacy and trust. If you change persons, from A to B, from B to C, it is as if you are transplanting your being from one place to another. You will never grow roots – the tree will grow fragile and weak.

To gain strength deep roots are needed, and to gain roots time is needed. And for love even eternity is not enough, remember, because love can grow and grow and grow – there is no end to it. There is a beginning, but there is no end. So don’t take love as a superficial thing. It is not just a relationship. Through love, your whole being has to be discovered. It is sacred.

But in the West it has become very profane; it has almost lost its meaning. It has become more and more sexual and bodily, very superficial and casual. In fact I am afraid that the West may lose the very dimension of love. People may completely forget that there was a possibility of inner endless growth in it.”