It’s 2017….don’t make New Year’s Resolutions which fail! Do THIS instead!

chromatic guitar tunerSo many people invariably look to the New Year with a mixture of dread and excitement, but it’s fair to say that everyone desires something ‘better’ or ‘different’ in at least one area of their lives.

And whilst no one can change the world’s tumultuous happenings, we all hope to have some small measure of success over our own lives.

A better body, a new relationship (either with the same person or with someone entirely different), more stability, more recognition in our work, a pay rise, to be a better mother/father/wife/husband… the list of desires is absolutely endless. Yet whilst we all share similar dreams, our exact desires and preferences will always be unique to us, born form the life experiences we are living.

Most people have no idea about the vibration they are offering and quit trying to improve their lives by the end of the very first month.

The first reason for failure is that most resolutions are actually idle wishes without any power. Literally thousands of desires flash across the screen of the mind and we get caught up in the excitement of everyone else making idle wishes…

Yet even if the desire to change and succeed is strong, frustration soon sets in because of obstacles and delays to achieving the goal. In this his goal oriented, ‘be the best’ world we live in, failure comes crashing down upon us. We shrug it off but it affects our core self-esteem as our desires lie buried under the rubble of broken dreams.

Here’s the thing, if you’re going to succeed, you really need to get to grips with your vibrational ‘tone’.  If you don’t understand that, you’re doomed to failure.

Vibration is a key word that goes with understanding the Law of Attraction.

Think of a guitar with each note is tuned to a particular frequency or note.  If you tune the strings badly, or fail to tune them, the guitar will sound off key. Each note requires that you listen and then adjust the vibrating string so that it sounds correctly. Once you tune all the strings correctly, you can have fun playing!

In like measure, you are born with a direct and permanent relationship to a Non-Physical Source that is vibrating at ‘pure joy’. However, challenges cause your mind, body and spirit to go off key, often without you realising it – and many people have been playing ‘out of key’ for so long, they’ve begun to think it’s normal!

If you take a badly tuned guitar, however, and ask a guitarist to play in a band, it will be immediately obvious that the guitar strings need to be tuned correctly, or even replaced!

To stay in harmony, you have to keep re-tuning yourself to your Inner Source. You need to start coming back to your fundamental note of ‘joy’ and ‘love’ in order to manifest positive changes in your life.

You can be sure that any area of your life that is not working is mainly because you’ve forgotten your relationship to Source.

Sure you can be a ‘goal setter’ and use grit and determination to ‘get there’ but that’s a long way off from the core spiritual truth that says the joy is in the journey of becoming.  You must appreciate where you are now (even if that appears to be not such a good place), and look forward to the ‘future you’ that you will become as you ‘fine tune’ your vibration.

Contrasting, or unwanted, events and circumstances in our lives drive us to go upwards in consciousness so long as we understand we don’t need to remain ‘stuck’!  We were never meant to be stuck, it just doesn’t feel good. After all, we live in a Universe of pulsating, enormous change.  The sea of energy we live in doesn’t stay still for a moment!

In your very personal life, the first thing to understand is ‘where’, on the sliding scale of emotions, you are vibrating at.


If you get into your car, and ask the GPS where you currently are, it will just tell you – rather matter of factly.  So, if you’re currently parked in ‘down and out street’, the GPS will just give you feedback on that, but you know you can plug in your new co-ordinates for ‘pure joy street’ and the GPS will show you the way! You’ll see a route or journey mapped out for you, step by step… you then have to follow it.

Your Inner Being is always vibrating at Joy Street but as there isn’t a physical GPS that can show you where you are vibrating at in your life, and how to navigate to Joy Street, you have to find some other Non-Physical way of knowing how to do this.

By far, the best way of knowing where you are vibrating at is through your emotional moment-to-moment guidance. This in-built guidance system is unerring precise, and immediately tells you if you are aligned, or not aligned with your Inner Being.

How do you know if you aren’t in alignment with your Inner Being? 

You don’t feel good.

You feel ‘resistance’ in your body.  It feels tight.

You feel ‘resistance’ in your mind. You feel grumpy and out-of-sorts.

Resistance is a key word that should be stamped indelibly in your mind if you wish to know if you are ‘in alignment’ with success or not.

As soon as you feel resistance, this is your Inner Guidance telling you that you are off key. That you are moving away from what you say you want.

Your job then is to skillfully come up with a new-feeling thought (and action) that helps you pivot back to where you say you want to be.  (If you haven’t read my article on ‘moving up the emotional scale’, you might want to familiarise yourself with the scale now).

If you keep reaching for better-feeling thoughts, eventually you will move right back up the scale of emotions to where your Source is!

From that higher emotional tone, lots of opportunities and possibilities will present themselves to you without you even trying.

When you operate from lower emotional frequencies like frustration, anger, hate, doom, powerlessness and so on, you are very much blind – and doors shut in your face most of the time.

Remember that in any area of your life, you are always generating a frequency or ‘tone’ that keeps bringing you the essence of the signal you are generating.

If you feel like a failure in your relationships, then you will invariable attract failure until you start to let go of the belief and accompanying feeling that says ‘all my relationships fail’.

To start living the life and opportunities you say are important to you, start to get back in touch with your ‘fundamental tone’ of ‘joy’ and ‘success’ and clean up all the notes that are ‘off key’.

Daily re-tuning is required. Self-awareness and self-analysis – but with love.  If you start beating yourself up, know that you’re coming from the ego (Personality) self, which will only add more resistance to your path.

As well as working with the emotional scale, make sure to take the time to do things that float your boat.

What makes your heart sing?

Some activities that can help you tune back in are: yoga, meditation, sexual intimacy, going for run in nature, swimming in the ocean/sea/lake, playing a musical instrument, singing songs that you love, whistling a tune whilst you skip along, playing with your cat or dog… all of these represent ways of releasing resistance and getting you to where you want to be.

Your mind will naturally re-focus in a positive way as you re-tune yourself.

Affirm, “My direction is peace.  I align with Source easily.”

Law of Attraction Coaching

If you aren’t sure how to vibrationally align, you can check out my coaching page. Each person is unique, with a different set of beliefs, preferences and needs, and each session is geared specifically to address the core issues being faced by that person.

December 31, 2016
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