Improving Fertility With Healing Crystals

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Did you know that many crystals and gemstones have special healing properties? Certain crystals are beneficial for pregnancy, helping with conception through to birth, so let’s explore how crystals can positively impact fertility and overall health and well-being!

Everyone can work with the beautiful mineral kingdom. They can benefit health, mood, and general well-being by promoting positive energy. The crystals can be beneficial for every stage of pregnancy, from fertility through to birth. Here, we’ll explore how crystals can positively impact fertility!

Crystals oscillate at certain frequencies & certain ones can help during pregnancy. The ancients often used crystals to prepare for fertility — happily this has not been lost in the passage of time.

Crystals & Improving Fertility

Today, the rate of women having problems with fertility and conception has been increasing at an alarming rate, with IVF rates also increasing year on year.

Healing crystals are being used to effectively support the process of conception and pregnancy, and may have benefits for those experiencing fertility issues.

Keeping crystals in your physical presence for a period of time can have a hugely beneficial impact on your human energy field or aura, helping you to boost fertility and ensure a successful conception and pregnancy period.

Types of Crystals to Benefit Fertility

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular healing crystals out there. Its’ general positive energy qualities benefit the wearer by reducing stress about fertility or conception, and evoking the energy of love and calm. You can use it to stimulate fertility and fill the body with loving energy. Sleeping with a chunk of Rose Quartz by the side of your bed is also beneficial.

Green calcite

You can use Green Calcite to clear old energies and cleanse toxins from the body in order to attain and sustain health and well being. You will be preparing your body for a healthy conception.


Moldavite evokes strong positive energy to the person in contact with it. Although recommended for experienced crystal users, it can have supreme benefits to those seeking enhanced fertility or support through pregnancy.


Moonstone is referred to as a “woman’s healing stone”, traditionally used for feminine healing & balancing of the female hormones & cycles. It is said to help for all stages of pregnancy, from preconception through to birth. Although not classically associated with crystal therapy for pregnancy, its qualities are profoundly feminine, and can be hugely beneficial for fertility and pregnancy.


A stone that can protect its wearer from harm and also aids in fertility and childbirth, according to “The Crystal Bible.” It comes in a variety of colors, including green, brown, lavender, orange and red.


Using this pink or red stone can not only stimulate fertility but also can help heal both physical and emotional wounds, according to “The Crystal Bible.”


Missing that spark you need to get into the mood before conceiving? Fluorite will help your libido make a comeback, according to “The Crystal Bible.” The stone comes in blue, green, purple, brown, yellow and clear.


Use Carnelian crystals to open up your second Chakra and to stimulate fertility.
They help to open and align the Sacral chakra and improve the conditions for fertility to occur. Carnelian may benefit both sexes. This red, orange, pink or brown stone is supposed to have a healing influence on female reproductive organs while also combating impotence.


Garnet is a stone of love and passion. It stimulates life force, boosts sexuality and fertility.

Crystals for Fertility

What to do:

Simply rest with the stones on your stomach or over your ovaries for 10-15 minutes a day or you may hold them while meditating. Try to visualize the baby inside you & your healthy pregnancy the whole time. You may also like to keep this little kit in a pocket, bra, in your purse or pillow case while you sleep just to keep the good vibes nearby all the while. You could wear a crystal on a pendant, or keep a special pouch for them.

Try charging some water with Carnelian and/or Rose Quartz. Both you and your husband/partner can drink this water daily.

With any of the other stones, you would place the crystals outside of and around the container of water. Due to their chemical content, you do not want to drink them! Their presence next to the container is enough to charge the water.

You can also place a fertility grid in your home, under the bed, on a special table, etc. Choose the stones from the list that you resonate with and place them in a circle. In the middle, place objects, pictures, etc of you and your husband, a baby rattle, whatever you feel expresses your intent the best. Make sure to add a few Clear Quartz Points too, as quartz helps to amplify the energy of the other crystals as well as your intent for the grid.

The key is to RELAX though … not OBSESS in your meditation.

If you’re obsessing & worrying that will be totally counter-productive. A guided meditation can help you with this.

Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.

Crystal and Rox and Fertility

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November 15, 2016
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