The missing link for unexplained infertility

pregnant woman shopping for fruit

Today, more and more women are battling with trying to conceive and an overall rise in infertility but nobody seems to know why.

With the increase in IVF cycles year on year, infertility is being caused by two major factors:

  1. The daily stresses of modern living create tight, tense, ‘wired’ bodies, flooding the body with corrosive adrenaline — the opposite of what needed to conceive
  2. The dietary mistake of eliminating most or all fruit — because fruit sugars have been lumped in with all other ‘bad’ sugars

Today, many women are worried about Candida – and if you’ve been diagnosed with Candida, for example, the odds are that you’ve been advised to cut out all processed foods from your diet and avoid sugar like the plague! Yet candida does not feed on sugar unless it is from a grain such as corn or wheat, and it does not feed on natural fruit sugar.

According to Anthony Williams, the ‘medical medium’, fertility depends specifically on the fructose and glucose that occur naturally in fruit, as well as the phytochemicals bonded to those specific sugars.

A woman’s reproductive system also relies on the dozens of antitumour, anticancer and antioxidants only available in fruit, not to mention fruit’s essential polyphenols, bioflavinoids, disease stopping pectin, vitamins and minerals.

The life-giving elements found in fruit help stop polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and an overextended reproductive system, all of which are causing the rise in infertility we are seeing today.

So before you go down the insanely expensive route of following IVF, look to your diet first. Cut out unnecessary stresses from your life (all of which are causing corrosive adrenaline to flood all of the body’s systems) and eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables – eat them raw as much of the time as possible.

The obvious answer isn’t always the most exciting, it’s true – but this is also the reason it’s so often overlooked.

Simple changes can have profound consequences.

We exist today because of the rich and plentiful fruit our ancestor’s picked off trees. Fruit is mentioned in the bible over 300 times, and is a divine word of wisdom… we still use the phrase, “the fruits of our labour”, talk about “fruitful” collaborations, and dreams and goals “coming to fruition”. We call children “fruit of the womb”.

On a deep intuitive level, we know we are meant to eat fruit. We feel tired and grouchy when we don’t, and have to (eventually) reach for bad sugars, just to get our energy back. It’s a poor substitute though and a lack of fruit causes us upset and illness down the road.

For true health and mind-body-spirit connection, we need to eat whole fruits every day – at least 5 to 7 different kinds.

A brief history of fruit

Going back to the beginning, to the mythological ‘Garden of Eden’, fruit was a mainstay of the human diet. Once agriculture began, and civilisation and trade routes became established, it was the rich who were fortunate enough to have fruit delivered to them – emperors, kings, queens, knights, pharaohs – who lived the longest and most healthy lives.

With access to fruit all year long, disease was not the problem for royalty that it was for people of the lower classes. Peasants and other commoners had to live off grains, porridge, scraps of dehydrated meats, and some vegetables. They went much of the year without a single piece of fruit, and were plagued by nutritional deficiencies. Kings, on the other hand, stayed healthy because of the sacrifices of those below them…

Why you need fruit

Fruit offer the following healing amazing benefits:

  • Soothes your adrenal glands
  • Strengthens your entire endocrine system
  • Repairs your vascular system
  • Revitalises your brain
  • Restores your liver

You can’t function well (or possibly at all!) without glucose – the simple sugar into which your body breaks down all foods. Glucose fuels your brain and nervous system, and every cell throughout your body… all 50 trillion of them!

Eating animal protein, nuts and vegetables alone is a dietary mistake. Eventually, the body’s intelligent system will force you to ‘cheat’ by making you snack on something that does provide the sugar you need. Your subconscious runs the show, not your conscious mind.

Starting today, make it a habit to eat plenty of fruit. Particularly eat fruit in the morning, on an empty stomach. Drink a full glass of water and you’ll receive a burst of energy that will astound you!

The stomach digests fruit and raw vegetables very quickly and easily, whereas protein, fat, complex carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta etc), and cooked vegetables take a much longer time to digest.

In the morning, your body wants to wake up – fast! The only thing that provides this burst of energy and vitality is fresh fruit.

If you eat fruit, you won’t crave your daily hit of caffeine as much…

Top tip! Don’t eat fruit with anything else, if you can help it – especially avoid eating proteins or complex carbohydrates with it! The latter food combinations will cause noxious gases to be emitted as the fruit sits in your stomach and ferments! If you must eat after a meal, wait at least two hours (or more).