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The Aura-Soma® Pomanders

colour-filled iris

Aura-Soma Pomanders® act to strengthen the energetic field. The auric field, like the physical body, can become damaged for various reasons. The application of a Pomander around the energetic field can help to repair those areas. Indeed, the regular application of a Pomander acts as protection against vibrations that might be of harm. Kirlian photography has shown this effect as a bar around the aura that lasts for up to several hours after application of the chosen Pomander.

They are available in 15 different fragrance combinations and colours, containing extracts from plants and herbs in an alcoholic solution. Three drops on the palm of your left hand, rubbed together with your right hand and passed through and around your aura, is sufficient to surround you with a delicate web of charged energy. Finish by deeply inhaling the fragrance from between your hands.**


white pomander
Colour: Clear/White
Fragrance: Medicinal, warm, stimulating
Crystal Energies: Morganite, quartz, selenite

The White Pomander contains the Universal Wavelengths of colour. It was the original product Vicki Wall created, and precedes. As pure white light, it holds the entire spectrum and as such, protects one's entire electro-magnetic field in all situations.

The White Pomander is capable of protecting all of the Chakras and bringing them back into equilibrium. It is therefore the best every day choice as a clearing substance. This solution can be used to clear crystals - either alone - or in conjunction with the Master Quintessence Serapis Bey.



pink pomander
Colour: Pink
Fragrance: Flowery and sweet
Crystal Energies: Rose quartz, rose tourmaline

The Pink Pomander created to bring in caring for oneself, and is the instigator and protector of our ability to care - both Universal and unconditional.

Pink harmonizes group energies and influences these processes positively, lending itself well to community endeavors. It is useful for children that are out of control as an anti- aggression tool. This Essence aids in attracting love into your aura and radiating love back out to others. As it opens the heart, it protects one from vulnerability, thus releasing the fear of being hurt.


Deep Red

deep red pomander
Colour: Deep Red
Fragrance: Woody, earthy, spicy
Crystal Energies: Garnet, ruby, Carmelite, strawberry quartz, hematite, neptunite

The Deep Red Pomander is the most powerful protector and supporter of the Root, Sexual and Solar Plexus Chakras. The very nature of this Pomander is "intensive" grounding, so it is therefore extremely energizing. It is recommended that it be used after every meditation, and in situations that produce high stress levels.



red pomander
Colour: Red
Fragrance: Fruity, spicy, earthy
Crystal Energies: Garnet, ruby

The Red Pomander restores polarities within the body which have been upset by fluctuations in the Earth's Grid Structure. Therefore, it affords powerful protection for those working directly with Earth Energies and Sacred Sites. It is The Protector from all negative Ley Lines, Psoric water and Geo-Pathic stresses.



coral pomander
Colour: Coral
Fragrance: Flowery, spicy, earthy

Helps us to learn how to love and care in a new way. An awakening energy. Healing of unrequited love issues, especially of the self. Helpful with the acceptance of our responsibilities with a sense of joy rather than hardship.

Heals the timeline and moves us closer to synchronicity.



orange pomander
Colour: Orange
Fragrance: Fruity, spicy, fresh
Crystal Energies: Topaz, orange calcite, sunstone, tiger eye, jasper

The Orange Pomander is often called the 'Regression Protector' and 'Shock Absorber', acting as a safety net on the journey into the Depths of our Being. It may help to clear the memory of deep shocks. Therefore, it affords powerful protection for those working directly with Earth Energy.



gold pomander
Colour: Gold
Fragrance: Flowery, fruity, like the forest
Crystal Energies: Amber, gold, zincite, citrine

The 'vapour essence' of the Gold Pomander allows your inherent wisdom to surface as it inspires a deeper connection with your instincts and helps you contact the "inner teacher". Useful in bringing the wisdom of the past into consciousness, and to understand old lessons. Inspires spiritual humility.



yellow pomander
Colour: Yellow
Fragrance: Fruity, lemony, like the forest
Crystal Energies: Amber, fluorite, yellow quartz, topaz, citrine

The Yellow Pomander clears the mind and brings clarity of direction and receptivity and innate wisdom into any situation. Sun People will feel its affects almost immediately, and for these individuals there is no better protector of their "inner-tuition".

Helpful for people experiencing the SAD disorder.


Olive Green

olive green pomander
Colour: Olive Green
Fragrance: Fresh, like herbs and woods
Crystal Energies: Adamite, epidote, jade

The Olive Pomander is recommended for someone who stands at a cross-roads, but also for all decision-making processes. Stimulates self-knowledge and helps you to find out what is your truth instead of living the truth of others. Creates a bridge from the Solar Plexus to the Sacred Heart, bringing out feminine leadership qualities and strengthens self-assertion, also in regard to feelings.


Emerald Green

emerald green pomander
Colour: Emerald Green
Fragrance: Medicinal, warm, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Malachite, Moldive, Emerald

The Emerald Green Pomander brings about the feeling that time and space are available, along with the feeling that this time and space is safe and is being respected. Supports decision-making processes and encourages a new outlook. Makes it possible to look at aspects of the inner being that would otherwise be difficult to take responsibility for.

Supports every kind of breath work. May be useful in cases of asthma and bronchitis. Brings about strong contact with nature.



turquoise pomander
Colour: Turquoise
Fragrance: Sweet, spicy, fresh
Crystal Energies: Aquamarine

The Turquoise Pomander facilitates an energetic connection between the Heart and the Throat Chakra on the Auric level. It stimulates the function of the Ananda-Khanda, which is sometimes called the Heart within the Heart, a minor chakra just to the right of the Heart Center.

Useful for work in the media or for those wishing to learn a new language.

Sapphire Blue

sapphire blue pomander
Colour: Sapphire Blue
Fragrance: Sweet, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Aquamarine, blue agate, sapphire

The Sapphire Blue Pomander is the communication protector and brings about a deep feeling of peace. It is connected to the expression of who we really are.

Helps with difficulties one might have with authority figures. Lessons extreme suffering. Aids in protecting people who are open psychically.


Royal Blue

royal blue pomander
Colour: Royal Blue
Fragrance: Sweet, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Fluorite, lapis lazuli

The Royal Blue Pomander opens us up to accessing the incredible powers of our imagination and intuition. It also helps to create a larger capacity for sympathy and empathy in ourselves.



violet pomander
Colour: Violet
Fragrance: Violets
Crystal Energies: Amethyst, diamond, quartz

The Violet Pomander connects the base chakra with the crown. The Violet essence is the opener of perception and awareness. It removes limitations on all levels of consciousness and loosens that which binds. Allows overcoming of boredom and gives access to new experiences, as well as awareness of beauty and wonder in everyday life.


Deep Magenta

deep magenta pomander
Colour: Deep Magenta
Fragrance: Fruity
Crystal Energies: Garnet, ruby sugilite

The Deep Magenta Pomander brings the instinct and intellect into unison. Stimulates focus on the small, everyday things and duties and helps to perform them with love. Brings awareness of quality and understanding on all levels.

Enables self-realisation and the awareness of your life purpose. It opens one to the Eighth Chakra, otherwise called the Soul Star, located above the crown. It is in the Soul Star that each individual Soul fragment has access to the Divine Blueprint and what their potential and purpose within it is.


How to use the Pomanders

The ritual for using the Pomanders is very beautiful and helps us to link in and send love and healing to the rest of the world, and our sacred planet.

  1. Three drops of your chosen pomander are placed on the palm of the left hand and then the hands are rubbed together.
  2. You then hold your hands stretched upright above your head and picture the earth held between your hands. Send the energy and colour of the pomander from the left hand and into the right allowing it to encompass the earth. This helps to bring in healing for the earth.
  3. Then life your arms above your head, palms facing down over the crown, and drop the energies of the 49 herbs and the crystal energies into your crown chakra. Feel the energies and the colour falling through the aura like rain or flower petals.
  4. Then bring the hands behind the head and brush forward, past the occipital ridge. This helps to release past conditioning patterns that we hold from this incarnation and previous ones to assist us to be able to recreate our lives anew.
  5. Bring your fingertips to about two inches from your temples and make gentle circular motions. This will stimulate the possibility of awakening your inner senses and helps to increase the inner aspect of the Third Eye Chakra.
  6. Bring your hands together above the top of the head, which helps us to bring the two sides of the aura together. This should be done slowly.
  7. Then bring the energies over the throat. This will help us to communicate with ease and in relation to the colour that we are using.
  8. Bring the hands to rest over the heart chakra so that the pomander can bring peacefulness to the heart. Any situations or people that lie heavily on the heart can be placed into the colour of the pomander.
  9. Then bring the hands over the solar plexus, the hara and the generative organs and lastly bend down towards the earth and offer the pomander through the all the layers of the floor and deep into the earth.
  10. Come up and take three deep breaths into the temple of the body.