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The Equilibrium Bottles

colour-filled iris

Equilibrium represents opposing forces balancing or coming to zero point, which is to say, a more perfect or lasting state of balance. It is this very balance of two coloured liquids in each of the Equilibrium bottles that form the fundamental basis of the Aura-Soma® system.

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It is highly recommended to have a consultation in person, and choose your bottle in person before making a purchase. When four bottles are chosen consecutively, a trained Aura-Soma® Practitioner can guide you through the significance of the sequence of your choice and enable a deeper investigation of the levels of colour and their respective messages. It is a wonderful, soul-illuminating gift.

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Royal Blue/Deep Magenta - Spiritual Rescue. The potential to see into the shadow within, with detachment. The faith to overcome all obstacles to self-realisation. The energy to succeed. The trust to get out of the way and allow the warmth and caring to be expressed in the little things of life. This bottle helps transfer deep intuitive insights into practical everyday life. Brings deep peace and energy. Typically applied around the hairline and ears.Blue/Deep Magenta - Physical Rescue. A person who has peace and trust and endeavours to put their caring and warmth into all that they do. Someone who listens and communicates clearly. This bottle also deals with communication with the inner being. Helps one understand and accept that everyday life is spiritual. Can be used in any emergency situation and applied anywhere on the body. Typically applied along the hairline, throat, neck and ears.Blue/Blue - Peace Bottle. Establishes contact with true inner peace. Someone who has immense faith and trust, which is easily communicated to others. They have allowed the Higher Power to flow through them and know they are nurtured from within. Represents feminine energy, the Mother/Goddess and male energy, the Father. Stimulates creativity. The Peace that passeth all understanding. Typically applied along the hairline, on the neck, and lower jaw.Blue/Green - The Heart Bottle. The whole emotional side of life. Someone who can really express their feelings and is able to communicate them peacefully, in a heart-centered way. A decision maker. Someone who is in tune with nature. This bottle belongs to the Aura-Soma Chakra Set, and corresponds to the Heart Chakra. It may be used to establish contact with Atlantean incarnational experiences. Also effective in healing animals. Typically applied along the entire chest area, in a wide band, starting at the collarbone, down to the lowest rib and around the back to include the spinal column.Yellow/Gold - The Sunlight Bottle. Somebody with a lot of strength and knowledge in the conscious mind and an immense amount of wisdom within. Someone who has a sense of humour and deals with life in a sunny or happy manner. Opens the door to inner knowledge and inner wisdom. Bringing in the light; accessing the knowledge of self. Typically applied at Solar Plexus level, in a wide band around the circumference of the body.Yellow/Red - Sunrise/Sunset. Someone who knows how to use the energy they have wisely in the world. Somebody who has joy and the energy to express it. Energy within the depths; the energy to express that knowledge in the conscious mind. A teacher or leader's bottle. May have a difficult but joyful path in relation to their mission and purpose. A generous soul who offers their qualities freely to others. Relates to the Base Chakra, so typically applied to the lower abdomen, and also the legs and feet.Red/Red - The Energy Bottle. Somebody who has a lot of energy and zest for life. A new beginning can be indicated by this bottle. It is a very powerful bottle and one which can also indicate the energy for awakening and complete detachment in relation to being able to view oneself and others clearly. Powerful energiser, and re-energiser. Deals with the basic energy of love. Typically applied below the hip area. Where there is a lack of energy; especially suitable for the soles of the feet.Yellow/Green - Garden of Gethsemene. The wisdom to find the space within. Trust within the depth of self, knowledge within the conscious mind, an ability to share this with others in a kind and gentle way. This bottle represents Divine sacrifice. Overcoming survival issues (represented by B6) to open to the possibility of the final test of faith. Typically applied over the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, and around the circumference of the body.Yellow/Blue - Anubis. Someone who has a joy for life, who has a lot of knowledge within the depths of themselves. Knowing through inner communications. When you find the peace within the depth of yourself then you can communicate this knowledge clearly to the world. A Teacher's bottle. Typically applied around the entire trunk.Turquoise/Green - The Transcendental Heart. A very creative person who is able to make the space necessary to do what they need to do, both for themselves and others. The individual search for truth. Communication from the heart in the top fraction; communication and direction from within. The next vibrational level of the heart chakra. Typically applied across the chest and around the back to include the spinal column.Green/Green - Go Hug a Tree. Someone with empathy towards others. Maybe an ecologist or naturalist, or simply one who has a love of nature. A decision maker who has a good understanding of others, and clear direction in life. Can see situations from many different angles and can grasp other perspectives presented to them. Typically applied across the chest and around the back to include the spinal column.Clear/Pink - The Essene Bottle 1. Someone who has clarity of mind and is able to give love, warmth and caring to themselves and others. One who shines the light on the love they have within. Becoming a channel for unconditional love in the world. Unconditional self-acceptance. Typically applied around the hips, lower abdomen, and lower back to include the spinal column. Can be applied around the entire trunk and the throat.Clear/Blue - Peace in the New Aeon. Peaceful, friendly communication. Someone who feels inspired and can communicate their intuitive insights. Someone who has clarity of thought. A creative person. Someone who has nurturing qualities and is able to communicate their feelings to others. A clear channel for peace to come through. Can be given to a child who has difficulty speaking. Typically applied around the entire neck.Clear/Green - Change in the New Aeon. Somebody who has made the space to find themselves; who has discovered a new beginning and who has let go of the past. A crossroads in life which gives clarity to see things in a balanced and harmonious way. Enlightenment of the heart. Communication of joy and knowledge within. Typically applied around the entire heart area and forming a band around the back to include the spinal column.Clear/Gold - Wisdom in the New Aeon. The wisdom and clarity to discover who you really are - the 'inner self'. To find freedom through using the wisdom you have within. To become a clear channel for wisdom. The ablity to believe in yourself brings deep happiness. Typically applied on the Solar Plexus in a wide band around the whole circumference of the body.Clear/Violet - Healing in the new Aeon. Someone who has clear vision to see who they really are. A healer who has the clarity of mind to allow their gifts to evolve, the clarity illuminates the shadows within. Clarity to find spirituality within the depth of the self. To become a clear channel for transformational service to come through. Typically applied along the hairline and around the entire head.Violet/Violet - The Violet Robe. Someone who is experiencing change which leads to a new direction. To become aware of who you really are and why you are here. The search for spiritual surrender and real peace. Could indicate a possible death experience that the person needs to come to terms with. Typically applied along the entire hairline.Green/Violet - Troubadour 1/Hope. Someone who has found space to show their feelings and express them. A person with an inspirational creativity. A transformed heart. Space to find the spirituality within. The healing heart, transformation of persecution issues from the deep past. Typically applied across the entire chest area in a wide band and around the back covering the spinal column.Yellow/Violet - Egyptian Bottle 1/Turning Tide. The yellow and violet are complementary opposites, the material and spiritual aspects. Represents someone who has the knowledge to find the transformation within, and the wisdom to find the service within. The deeper we go the more we get to know ourselves. Overcoming self deception. Typically applied across the Solar Plexus and around the whole circumference of the body and the hairline.Red/Purple - Living in the Material World. To build up new energy, to regenerate energies. A well-balanced person. Someone with a lot of energy who can see into spiritual matters. Energy in the conscious mind with spiritual healing service underneath. May need to let go of frustration, resentment and anger. Typically applied around the entire lower abdomen/lower back area; also along the hairline. Not to be used late in the evening as it may be over-energising and cause difficulty sleeping.Blue/Pink - Child Rescue/Star Child. Communication of unconditional love to self and others. A compassionate communicator, who knows love is a great transformer. Lovely gentle balancer of male/female energies within. Aids children in all areas, even the children we once were. Typically applied anywhere on the body. With teething babies, may be used around the jaws and around the neck.Green/Pink - New Beginning for Love. Someone who as the space to give love and warmth to others. A new beginning in the context of unconditional love. Allow yourself to trust and you will then find the love you have. A person with a love of nature, who can see many sides of situations. Typically applied around the heart area.Yellow/Pink - The Rebirther's Bottle/Awakening. Someone who has the knowledge to accept who they are without conditions. Love without dependency. The wisdom to love yourself again, in the here and now. For re-birthers or people being re-born. Typically applied in a wide band around the whole circumference of the body within the Solar Plexus area.Rose Pink/Pink - Love and Light. Someone who gives love, warmth and compassion. To accept who you are with love and so find the right inspiration and infinite wisdom within. Shed love and light on the darker corners of the mind. Helping to love unconditionally and so awaken. Passion and compassion. Typically applied around the entire lower abdomen and lower back including the spinal column. During difficult emotional situations, apply around the heart and hairline.Violet/Turquoise - New Message. Someone who has warmth and caring in their heart and is able to communicate it to others. Is harmonious and peaceful; heals through service. A spiritual person. The potential to awaken self and others to new Possibilities. Contains vibrations to attract true soulmate. The clairvoyants' bottle. Typically applied around the heart and across the back to the spinal column.Purple/Magenta - Convalescence Bottle/Florence Nightingale. Someone with a deep caring for others. A person who is a healer with the ability to see the whole picture. Has great perseverance and will complete what has been started. Caring expressed through service. A pioneering spirit, a quest for one's spiritual service. To be liberated from disappointment. Energised love for transformation and change. Typically applied along the hairline.Orange/Orange - Etheric Rescue/Humpty Dumpty. Someone who has insight, using it to help them go beyond their own limitations to meet new challenges. A contented and even blissful person. Use for relieving shock and its consequences on all levels. Cleanses the etheric gap. The shock absorber. Good for animals. Typically applied around the abdomen and down the whole left side from the left earlobe to the left ankle.Red/Green - Robin Hood. A person with perseverance, determination, energy and enthusiasm for life. Someone who is truthful, who is able to make right decisions and put their feelings into action. May indicate a time in the past when boundaries had to be drawn, particularly in relationships with partners. A time to reassert one's own space and so nurture one's own identity. Typically applied around the entire trunk.Green/Red - Maid Marion. Someone who has found the space to channel their energy, trusting their intuition. Being true to oneself and others brings deep joy and happiness. Represents new beginnings. When the gift is realised, then there is a sense of inner strength expressing itself in a harmonious way. Typically applied around the entire trunk.Red/Blue - Get Up and Go.A successful person, even a materialistic person. Someone who has a lot of energy for life and communicates this to the world. One's survival issues are tempered by the peace within. Spirituality minded but the material side may be too dominant. Following one's right path will lead to harmony and peace within. Typically applied around the entire trunk. Blue/Red - Bringing Heaven to Earth. The energy to awaken to who you are and the communication to bring that forth. The peace to be able to examine survival issues. Contains the potential to serve others, with the inner strength to complete what is started. Bringing a new quality into life. Communication of the peace within leads to tapping into the positive energy within. Typically applied around the trunk and the hairline.Green/Gold - The Fountain. The wisdom within has found the space to be expressed through the heart, bringing deep joy. Balancing through the truth of the heart and the wisdom of the belly. Harmony and honesty. Overcoming deep fear. Wisdom within the depth of self leads to clarity in the conscious mind. Typically applied in a band between the heart and the area below the navel, around the circumference of the body.Royal Blue/Gold - Sophia. Someone who has a well of wisdom within and is able to communicate it for the benefit of others. A person who gains wisdom through their experiences, imparting insight to those around them. Another heart bottle - a message of good things for the future. Typically applied around the circumference of the body anywhere between the head and the navel.Royal Blue/Turquoise - Dolphin/Peace with a Purpose. Someone who has inspiration and communicates this with feeling to everyone. A calm and peaceful soul who finds being creative a pleasure. Creative communication from the heart. May establish contact with incarnations in Lemuria and Atlantis. Typically applied around the neck and jaw area, along the hairline, just above the eyebrows, the forehead and around the throat.Pink/Turquoise - Birth of Venus. Someone wishing to improve their circumstances. To love themselves and be able to communicate what is hidden in the heart. Integration of many different levels within the personality. Communication of the heart through unconditional love. May help with deam work.Typically applied around the heart and across the back to include the spinal column. To help with menstrual problems, apply around the lower abdomen and lower back. Pink/Violet - Kindness. Getting closer to the spiritual through love. Unconditional love in the service of others. Caring and transformation. When you care in the conscious mind, that gives you access to the depth of transformation within. Typically applied anywhere on the body.Violet/Pink - Charity. Someone who is compassionate, understanding and has the gift of healing. Time to let go of the past and let the potential for new beginnings expand. Put energy into new interests, projects and aspirations. Kindness in service. Spiritual love. Intuition for transformation. Brings through more love for oneself, whilst recognising the love from above. Typically applied anywhere on the body.Violet/Blue - The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth. Someone who is peaceful, who has healing abilities and is good at communication. Service to the world. Transformational communication. Angelic Beings. Nurturing and protecting. This bottle can balance and stimuate the third eye, helping to develop psychic abilities that lie untapped. Typically applied along the hairline and around the throat/neck area.Violet/Green - Troubadour 2/Discernment. Someone who can balance logic with intuition. A new direction for spirituality through transformation of the heart. A spiritual, sensitive person who brings healing to others. The maternal, nurturing, feminine quality within. This is another of the Troubadour Bottles, and may indicate persecution in the deep past. Typically applied along the hairline, around the heart and across the back to include the spinal column.Violet/Gold - Egyptian Bottle 2/The Puppeteer. Someone who is able to heal and is in tune with their own process. The wisdom for transformation. Knowledge and service to the whole world. This bottle may help with establishing access to experiences in Ancient Egypt. Typically applied along the entire hairline, around the abdomen and back to include the spinal column.Red/Gold - The "I AM" bottle. A person with positive energy who is in touch with themselves in a centered way. They have the detachment required to allow their inner wisdom to express through them. Self realisation or self knowledge. Joy, aspiration. Very good for dynamic activities. The energy to find inner knowledge. The Tibetan bottle. Typically applied around the whole region of the body from the base chakra to the solar plexus chakra.Gold/Gold - The Wisdom Bottle/El Dorado. Someone who has joy and wisdom through positive thinking and positive expression. Has found their centre, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The in-pouring of wisdom from above. Brings more light into all aspects of the personality. Connects with the incarnational star. Typically applied across the entire Solar Plexus area, around the back to include the spinal column.Yellow/Yellow - Harvest. Spontaneity combined with joy. Someone who has found emotional happiness leading to joy and fulfillment. A person who is aware of self and has found knowledge that is able to stimluate their mind. Coming into the Light. Wisdom, awakening, happiness and bliss. Typically applied around the circumference of the body in the Solar Plexus region, particularly when experiencing S.A.D. in the winter season.Turquoise/Turquoise - Creativity. Someone who is able to communicate through the heart in a peaceful way. Communication through art and the mass media. The creative communication of the heart. Inspiration. A heartfelt communication and experience. A seeker of mystical experiences. Typically applied around the chest cavity and across the back to include the spinal column.Lilac/Pale Blue - The Guardian Angel. Someone who has inspiration within their heart and the trust to bring it through into ordinary reality. Transformation of negativity to peace. Discovering your own Divinity by being true to yourself, the angel that you are. Alchemical change in the conscious mind by allowing in the Love from above. Typically applied around the throat and the hairline.Turquoise/Magenta - Breath of Love. Someone who has loving kindness and compassion within that needs to be shared with others. Creative expression through music, dance and poetry helps to heal the world. Deeply energising love with communication through the heart. A deep healing for the heart. Brings one in touch with the process of individuation. Typically applied anywhere on the body. When there is deep stress, apply around the heart.Green/Magenta - The Wanderer. Someone who has faith and trust, Divine love and creative power. A compassionate and loving person. The direction and trust to find the energetic love within. A new beginning for Divine love. Typically applied around the heart and across the back to include the spinal column; with menstrual problems, apply around the lower abdomen.Royal Blue/Lemon - Old Soul. Finding clarity in the intellect and knowledge in the self. An opening to heavenly peace and inspirational creativity. A person with mystical knowledge from the deep past and access to the Higher mind. Connecting with one's deeper purpose. Typically applied around the circumference of the body in the Solar Plexus and heart areas, as well as along the hairline.Violet/Clear - Wings of Change. There is the potential of finding one's spirituality as the Light shines from deep within. An orator who has a healing service in the world. Spiritual cleanser. Clarity within to find the service within the conscious mind. Typically applied along the hairline; for hormonal related back problems, also apply around the abdomen.Turquoise/Violet - New Messenger. Someone with hidden healing qualities which are shared with love from the heart. They express peace and harmony through which they bring joy and happiness to others. Sensitivity in communications. May represent a healing situation where creativity has been stifled. Typically applied around the circumference of the body over the chest area and along the hairline. With speech problems apply around the throat and neck.(50) Pale Blue/Pale Blue - El Morya. Readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole. I will that thy will be done through me. Helps you to come to that point within yourself to let the Divine Will be done. (51) Pale Yellow/Pale Yellow - Kuthumi. The intellect in search of wisdom. Helps with a different understanding of forms and energies. The communications of the angelic through the human to the Devic. (52) Pale Pink/Pale Pink - Lady Nada. To experience unconditional love. The inner sound - Om. Healing with deep love on all levels. Accelerates spiritual growth through a renewed capacity to give, receive and allow love.(53) Pale Green/Pale Green - Hilarion. The Way, The Truth and The Life. A new direction and a new space. The key to unlock the door. Clarity of direction. Inviting synchronicity into one's life - being in the right place at the right time. (54) Clear/Clear - Serapis Bey. Cleansing on all levels. For beginning something new. Helps to see things anew, shine the light on a subject, maybe it isn't what you thought. Brings clarity and vision to issues. (55) Clear/Red - The Christ. To develop sacrificial love. The possibility of awakening to the truth of love. We make inner connections with the source through ourselves. (56) Pale Violet/PaleViolet - St. Germain. Releasing negativity on all levels. Catalyst and transformer. Brings the keys to higher knowledge and mastery of thought. (57) Pale Pink/Pale Blue - Pallas Athena and Aeolus. To release the patterns of the past. Personal independence - what is hidden needs to be revealed. Encourages one to let go and let God. Pink shines the light into the material affairs of the world. (58) Pale Blue/Pale Pink - Orion and Angelica. Inner and outer journeys. The transformation of impurities at a very deep level. A journeying energy. Intense version of Starchild Rescue, B20. (59) Pale Yellow/Pale Pink - Lady Portia. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" Justice and discernment. Be gentle with yourself. Brings balance and discrimination. The potential for great joy and happiness. (60) Blue/Clear - Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin. Be still and "know" who you are. Finding such deep peace that one calmly accepts what life places on one's path. The more peaceful you become, the more clarity you find within. (61) Pale Pink/Pale Yellow - Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara. Personal loss, transpersonal gain. Stepping up to a higher level of vibrations. As above, so below. (62) Pale Turquoise/Pale Turquoise - Maha Chohan. Connection between intellect and spirituality. Supports creativity and expression from the feeling side of the self. The greater teacher. Teaching through the whisperings of the heart. (63) Emerald Green/Pale Green - Djwal Khul and Hilarion. Learning to understand the purpose of life. Encourages renewal on all levels, fostering new beginnings and opening the way to heartfelt perceptions. (64) Emerald Green/Clear - Djwal Khul. Seek and ye shall find. The only constant in life is change. I am the way listen and follow. The seeker for truth beyond the subjective reflection of the seeker. (65) Violet/Red - Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth. A bottle of transformation. Transformation... deeply transformative within to perform the transformational service in the world. (66) Pale Violet/Pale Pink - The Actress/The Victoria Bottle. To surround oneself with beauty. When the service is really beginning to be manifest then unconditional love, in balance with transmutational energies, comes through. (67) Magenta/Magenta - Love from Above. Divine Love, Love in the little things, love merged into service. Spirituality in action. A powerful love bottle, beyond tenderness, into almost passion. Love Divine merged into service. (68) Blue/Violet - Gabriel. Peace and spiritual understanding. Communication of the transformational energy from within. Sometimes a tendency to idealise. (69) Magenta/Clear - Sounding Bell. The power of love. Purification of desire. Clarification within leading to an expression of dynamic love through the conscious mind.(70) Yellow/Clear - A Vision of Splendour. To gain greater clarity. Can be over intellectual. Integration of newly acquired knowledge. Brings joy in one's own thought processes. (71) Pink/Clear - The Essene Bottle 2/The Jewel in the Lotus. Self acceptance. Tender caring. Loving clarity within. A very powerful bottle. (72) Blue/Orange - The Clown, Pagliacci. To free the 'sad clown'. Blue calm and peace within. Communications and nurturing of inner emotional desires. (73) Gold/Clear - Chang Tsu. To transmit deep insights. The more wisdom in the conscious mind, the more clarity within, the more wisdom can flow through us. Deeper version of yellow/clear. (74) Pale Yellow/Pale - Green Triumph. To bring clarity into difficult emotional situations. Will the fear obscure the way of the heart or will happiness and understanding be the realisation as the heart finds its way in the world. (75) Magenta/Turquoise - Go with the flow. Go with the flow. Restoration of inner Balance, Peace and Harmony. When we find peace within the depth of self then the unconditional love can dynamically express itself. (76) Pink/Gold - Trust. To reach one's potential through self love. Releasing of old things, letting go - coming to understanding of new wisdom. (77) Clear/Magenta - The Cup. The power of the light force becomes the life force. Spiritual development and the power of discrimination. Revealing the true quality of a person.Powerful bottle.(78) Violet/Deep Magenta - Crown Rescue/The Transition Bottle. The full power of above comes to earth to help humanity. Service and deep transformation. When the full power from above comes to earth for the benefit of mankind. (79) Orange/Violet - Ostrich Bottle. Deep insight used in service. Spiritual shock. The life force brings wisdom to express the teaching in the world.(80) Red/Pink - Artemis. Awakening to the power of love. Bringing Christ energy to the conscious mind.(81) Pink/Pink - Unconditional Love. Self acceptance. A new beginning for love. I need to be loved as I am not as you want me to be. Compassion in the service of light.(82) Green/Orange - Calypso. Overcoming deep emotional shock. Opening of the heart to allow the wisdom of the past to express itself in the world. A letting go of past emotional conflicts. (83) Turquoise/Gold - Open Sesame. Old wine in new skins. Opening the door as a New Age Teacher to the ancient wisdom. A communication to the many rather than the few. Insight communicated through the feeling side of being.(84) Pink/Red - Candle in the wind. Awakens the true power of love. Lady Nada and The Christ. Unconditional and sacrificial love. Universal love. The desire to care. (85) Turquoise/Clear - Titania. Expression of suppressed feelings. Creative communication of the heart in the service of light. Helps to move creative blocks. Inner illumination. (86) Clear/Turquoise - Oberon. To bring clarity into matters of the heart. Links with deep past - to become a channel for Atlantean and Lemurian energies. Communication for the light. (87) Coral/Coral - The Wisdom of Love. Unrequited love. Clearing unrequited love from the past. A gentle shock absorber. (88) Green/Blue - Jade Emperor. Love of nature. Peace within the depths of self, communication of the heart at a conscious level. Feeling of Heaven. The nature of the celestial. (89) Red/Deep Magenta - Energy Rescue/The Time Shift Bottle. Energy for healing love. To attain healing energy. Helps to bring the body/mind together again during states of extreme fatigue or disconnectedness. (90) Gold/Deep - Magenta Wisdom Rescue. The solar plexus bottle. To embrace one's own confusion. For deeply traumatic times. Overcome the fears and confusions to reveal the gold of wisdom and true value within yourself. (91) Olive Green/Olive Green. Feminine Leadership of the heart. Developing feminine leadership qualities. Issues of the Heart. Releasing fear from the heart. (92) Coral/Olive Green - Gretel. To gain trust in one's own intuition. Leads to deep insights through practical (spiritual) experiences. (93) Coral/Turquoise - Hansel. Communication of deepest joy. Getting in touch with the inner intuitive layers. Supports the ability to make use of insights gained in this way. (94) Pale Blue/Pale Yellow - Archangel Michael. Surrender of the individual will to the Divine Will. Facilitates moving from a state of hope to a state of faith as all judgements and attachments are surrendered to live in accordance with the Divine plan. (95) Magenta/Gold - Archangel Gabriel. The alignment of your soul consciousness or true aura with the self. Only by loving oneself first can love for the entire 'family of man' be realised. Love in the little things and the wisdom to connect with that. (96) Royal Blue/Royal Blue - Archangel Raphael. Communication of the higher self with the self. A desire to replace survival and security issues with a peace that passeth all understanding. (97) Gold/Royal Blue - Archangel Uriel. The ancient wisdom of the golden ray dawns in the conscious mind. Clear seeing into our innermost depths. Facilitates the refinement of our innermost essence. (98) Lilac/Coral - Archangel Sandalphon /Margaret's bottle. Transformation through interdependency. The transmutation of negativity at a conscious level while we are bringing a new level of co-operation from within. (99) Pale Olive Green/Pink - Archangel Tzadkiel/Cosmic Rabbits. A step into the waters of life. Transmutation of sexual problems created by anticipation and expectations. Love opening into the world. (100) Clear/Deep Magenta - Archangel Metatron. The alchemical possibility of embracing our wholeness. Letting go of the deepest levels of fear. A transformation for the deepest levels of suffering. (101) Pale Blue/Pale Olive - Archangel Jophiel. The opening to a new level within our being. Cleansing of the emotions and the communication of the feeling in the world. The female leadership from within the depths of the self meets the Higher Will. (102) Deep Olive/Deep Magenta - Archangel Samael. O-live. The hope in us is rescued in the face of difficulty. Samael the Archangel reminds us not to deny what we don't want to see. (103) Opalescent Pale Blue/Deep Magenta - Archangel Haniel. The support and the higher will. The light at the end of the tunnel begins to glimmer in the distance. (104) Iridescent Pink/Magenta - Archangel Chamael. It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being.(105) Iridescent Coral/Coral - Archangel Azreal. Deep insight, insight, ecstasy, upliftment. (106) Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac - Archangel Ratziel. Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart. I knowingly participate in the unfold of the plan on earth.Opalescent Turquoise/Deep Magenta - Archangel Tzaphkiel The deeper aspects of the Divine Feminine, the watery aspects of the whole of Creation dwelling within Binah on the Tree of Life. Ruler of the order of the Angels called Aralin. Guardian of the Akashic Chronicles and their mysteries. The deeper aspect of intuition. The overcoming of obstacles. An invitation to inner disarmament in order to reveal the True Gold. A love that asks us not to get out of the Way but to become the Way. A glimpse, and a call, from deeper realities and dimensions. Through this bottle she comes to protect the light workers in the temples of their bodies. Apply around the heart and the hairline.

25ml bottle - £17.48

50ml bottle - £24.07

How to link with an Equilibrium bottle

Hold the bottle in your left hand, using the pharmaceutical grip - middle finger on top of the lid, thumb underneath, and let your index and fourth fingers rest on the "shoulders" of the bottle. The left hand links to your right brain and intuition.

Place your attention on the Incarnational Star, found 2 fingers' width above the navel and a little way inside, imagining a point of light brilliant like a star in the night sky. Start to breath deeply, letting go of resistance on the out breath, for a few minutes. This will help your consciousness to become more grounded, centered and balanced. Making the breath more conscious becomes an act of saying yes to life, of incarnating more fully, with a sense of presence, in the body.

In the golden area of the Incarnational Star is contained the gift of innate wisdom, wisdom beyond thought. The gold contains a little bit of red (a hidden colour), so breathing with awareness on the golden area makes an energetic connection with the consciousness of Mother Earth. Focusing your attention on the golden area of the Incarnational Star gives you an opportunity to connect with and allow the wisdom within to expand. The heart centre is warmed by breathing more consciously and by developing a sense of renewed presence, it begins to open more and more. The heart opens when we release internal resistance on the out-breath, letting go of any self-limiting patterns and fears about the future.

Once you feel connected, shake the bottle so that the two fractions temporarily mix, affirming your intention to further align with your deepest Spiritual Source.

Please read the description for your bottle for guidance on where to apply it on the physical body. Of course, the inner master/teacher is within, so you can also intuitively apply the bottle wherever you feel it would most benefit you.

Apply the bottle once a day, in the evening before going to sleep, or in the morning after you've showered. If you find using the bottle once a day too energetically intense, slow down and use it once every other day, or less.

Key points about the Equilibrium bottles

The cornerstone of Aura-Soma® is the set of Equilibrium bottles. Each Equilibrium bottle contains two fractions. The top fraction contains essential oils, natural colouring and crystal energies. The bottom fraction contains water, herbal extracts, natural colouring and crystal energies. Equilibrium combines the traditions of colour healing practised in the temples of Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India with herbal extracts and essential oils in combination with crystal and mineral energies.

Aura-Soma® works with your spiritual and emotional well being. The coloured oils, pomanders, quintessences, colour essences and other colour related products of Aura-Soma® help you to bring your being into a state of equilibrium. They may help to increase your self-awareness and create a harmonious sense of comfort around and within yourself. Your colour choice reflects your very personal needs and helps you to find a more true understanding of your potential.

It is significant that Aura-Soma® brings the oily and watery parts of the plant together for the first time, combining the arts of aromatherapy and herbalism, through the use of herbal extracts.

The crystal energies are contained in both fractions, initially introduced by Kabalistic invocation but now with technology which is used to transfer the crystal and gem energies into the receptive medium of the oil and water.

Each bottle contains an energetic frequency. The combination, with an intention to heal, provides a unique opportunity for sympathetic resonance. The bottles are keys to unlocking our own consciousness and revealing more about who we really are.


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